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Do you want to get into sport, but you're running out of time? Know that walking is a perfect activity to improve your cardiovascular system. To easily assess your performance, equip yourself with a pedometer. Screen dimensions, waterproofing level or even functionalities, there are many criteria to take into account to make a satisfactory comparison. In this file, discover the points to study allowing you to define the best connected bracelet adapted to your needs.

What is a pedometer for?

According to the medical profession, it is necessary to accomplish between 3,000 and 10,000 steps per day to maintain an iron health or to achieve fitness. However, it is simply impossible to count the number of steps taken daily or to make a calculation of the walking distance achieved. The touchscreen pedometer has been designed to do these things for you. This technological gadget, also known as " step counter ", is the ideal sports coach who will accompany you on your fitness journey. It allows you to follow the evolution of your performance with ease. Before starting your physical activities, simply attach it to your wrist and you're done. .

Mode of use and benefits

If it is generally worn as a wristwatch, it is also possible to hang it around the neck, on the belt or on one of your shoes thanks to a system of clips. It only activates when you are moving. To know the number of steps taken or the duration of the walk, all you have to do is take a look at the dial, all the information you need is displayed there. For improve your performance, set realistic goals for yourself every day, depending on the level of physical activity you want to do. You will find over the course of the first few days that when you have reached them (or almost), it will motivate you to do more and exceed your limits.

Do you want to take the analysis of your performance even further? It is possible to download dedicated applications, available on websites specializing in this specific field. Installing these apps on your Smartphone (Android and iOS), tablet or PC is accessible to everyone. Then you just need to download all the recorded information through your connected watch to the free or paid application. You will thus have access to a complete account of your achievements of the day. You also have the possibility to obtain additional information such as the number of calories expended. The data provided allows you to improve your performance and learn about your weaknesses. You can even get in touch with professionals for better results.

How to choose your pedometer watch?

It is important to base yourself on the essential criteria to define the best pedometer that will accompany you on a daily basis.


This is the most important point, as it would be a shame to have to change the batteries once a week. It is good to note that while some models show a battery life of only a few days, others may work. up to more than 3 years.

  • If you want to enjoy it as long as possible, it is recommended to prefer battery-powered pedometers. However, their functionality is limited, as they only provide basic information, like distance traveled, time walked and number of steps taken.
  • On the other hand, be aware that the battery smart watch, even if it has a lower autonomy, generally offers a greater number of options. This will allow you to more accurately assess and assess your athletic progress.

Additional functions

As stated previously, battery pedometers, preferably with integrated GPS, offer more functions.

  • For calculate your heart rate with precision during your jogging or Nordic walking session, additional high-tech accessories are sometimes required. This feature is particularly useful if you are overweight or prone to any heart disease. This heart rate monitor allows you to easily tailor your efforts to the speed of your heartbeat.
  • Thanks to the function designed for calculate the number of calories burned, you will have an overview of the impact of your activities during the day on your body. To perform this analysis, the pedometer that acts as a calorie counter is based on your weight, your height, the number of steps you have taken, the average speed and the height difference.
  • Whether you are walking in the city, in the countryside, or on a steep path in a mountainous area, you need the altimeter function. It allows hikers to obtain precise information on the height difference covered during the day. This will give you an overview of the intensity of physical activity as a function of height differences.

If you want to supplement your pedestrian sports activity with swimming, opt for a waterproof cardio watch strap. Prefer models with a large LCD screen or OLED screen.

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