Top 10 Best Capsule Coffee Maker of 2021

Difficult to make a choice for your new Capsule Coffee Maker? We wrote this Capsule Coffee Maker special buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Capsule Coffee Maker!

Our selection of capsule coffee maker

Capsule coffee maker buying guide

When coffee enters our lives, it's hard to live without, not only at home, but also at work. Among the most popular hot drinks in the world, coffee is arguably the one that animates social conversations and business meetings. But, if you can make a cup of coffee at home for your guests, you will need more than one cup. Therefore, it is worth thinking about how to choose your capsule coffee maker so that you can serve everyone a well-flavored drink.

What is a capsule coffee maker?

Nespresso capsule espresso machines made the pod coffee maker popular. Pod coffee makers were invented to ensure the correct dosage when brewing drinks. To create coffee, they use coffee capsules with various aromas and gourmet flavors. Compatible coffee makers are in great demand in all catering establishments, offices, kitchens and especially in individuals. To brew a cup of coffee, you don't have to calculate the amount of coffee like on a bean machine, or even how many lumps of sugar or how much water you need.
To make coffee with a pod coffee machine, first make sure that water is available in the machine. Then insert the desired capsule. Then, press the button which activates the preparation of the coffee. All you have to do is wait for the tasty liquid to come out of the spout of the pod coffee maker.
Depending on the capsules available, you can brew different types of coffee. If, for example, you have a nespresso machine, you can cook up the specialty of this espresso machine, which is golden foam espresso. But, you also have the possibility of making milk drinks such as coffee with milk or with milk foam, a strong ristretto (a short espresso coffee), a hot chocolate with a coffee taste or a simple long coffee which is all about even quality coffee.

How does a capsule coffee maker work?

To understand how our capsule coffee machines work, we must first review the composition of the device.
The main element is the boiler, which heats the water like a kettle. Then there is the water pump which is a major component in the coffee brewing process. Of course, this is all controlled by the control panel which controls brewing time and programs, as capsule coffee makers are mostly programmable. Thirdly, there is the mechanism of the coffee brewing system which at the same time discharges the used capsules as well as the water dispenser which simultaneously measures the water level and the quantity of water required for the preparation. .
Now, let's see what happens in the coffee maker when brewing coffee.
The pods contain pressed coffee in an airtight envelope (usually between 6 and 11 g, depending on the type). They are placed in a separate compartment of the machine, where they are perforated. Then, the coffee is released from the capsule thanks to an extraction by hot water arriving under high pressure. In the container (eg a cup), the already brewed coffee flows slowly from the spout. This is how all the caffeine in the soft pod and the aromas explode in the mouth with each sip.

What are the advantages of a capsule coffee maker?

Users of expression coffee machines appreciate all the benefits and utility of the capsule coffee machine. The same goes for coffee bean enthusiasts who have turned to capsules compatible with most pod machine models.
In fact, capsule espresso makers offer ease of use and complete automation of the process. To brew coffee, just press a single button. They are also easy to maintain, as there is no need to clean the used ground coffee beans. They also have a compact size and a beautiful design, not to mention the fact that their work is almost silent.

How to choose a good capsule coffee maker?

To know how to choose a capsule coffee machine for your home or apartment, you should pay attention to the following features:

  • Dimensions: it is best to choose a small coffee machine that can be used anywhere
  • Potency: potency affects the brewing time of coffee, its aroma and taste
  • Water pressure: it is also essential for having a more pronounced taste
  • Volume of the water tank: this criterion determines the number of cups of coffee that can be prepared by the machine at a time
  • Presence of additional functions: they simplify the use of the appliance (self-cleaning, descaling, automatic switch-off, etc.)
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