Top 10 Best Long Arm Stapler of 2021

Difficult to make a choice for your new Long Arm Stapler? We wrote this Special Buyer's Guide Long Arm Stapler to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Long Arm Stapler!

Our selection of long arm stapler

Long arm stapler buying guide

The long-arm stapler allows the DIY enthusiast to pin multiple sheets of colored paper together. It differs from a regular stapler in its ability to staple from the inside, not around the edges. So, it doesn't get any easier than making an A5 notebook yourself. Work on Word with two columns on A4 media and in landscape format. Once the document has been printed, all you have to do is make a fold in the middle line and pass it with the long-arm stapler. Your little notebook will be ready in no time. That's why choosing the right long-arm stapler is essential.

The advantages of a long arm stapler

Unlike the staplers used in the home, this type of stapler accepts stapling of larger or smaller files. In fact, today, we are no longer satisfied with an A4 colored sheet. Both for advertising posters and those used to share information within an educational institution, A3 papers are the most popular. They ensure better visibility. When you are used to handling them, you can no longer be satisfied with a classic stapler. For a deep fixation, you will need a material equipped with a groove of at least 21 cm.

The long-arm stapler is generally thought of as the saddle-stitched stapler. Unlike the latter, the former has the advantage of being able to punch a stack of 200 sheets in one go, while the latter only allows a stack of 50 sheets at most. Whether you want to secure leather, wrapping material, or even plastic, the long-arm stapler is what you need for heavy-duty jobs.

Also, this one does not encumber. Naturally, you must have thought that these skills are attributed to bulky equipment, which takes up a large place like office furniture. But no ! Like the cutter and fountain pen, no feet or fixings are required. You can take it out and put it away as you like, as you usually do with trash bags, a glue gun, or flap folders.

The different types of staplers

Depending on a specific use, we can find several types of staplers on the market: the manual stapler, the pneumatic stapler (or pneumatic nailer), the electric stapler to finish with the stapler staple.

The manual stapler

Followers of Sunday crafts or DIY crafts, this accessory comes in several materials including plastic, aluminum and even metal. It stands out for its ease of use.

The electric stapler

Like a food processor or a juice extractor, you make your life easier by purchasing this kind of stapler. Indeed, if you are used to exerting manual pressure, you will not do it with this tool anymore. The impulse produced by the power source will take care of driving the fasteners for you.

The pneumatic stapler

Do you need to hammer in nails and spikes for your PVC garden shed? We recommend the pneumatic stapler. It’s so powerful that it’s even easy to poke a 3cm hole.

The staple gun

A stapler apart, it is used to fix cables and ropes.

The characteristics to choose your stapler

Several criteria are highlighted when buying a quality long arm stapler. But before peeling them one by one, it is essential to know what kind of stapler to choose.

Choose your stapler according to your activity

Straight away, the professionals?Those working in the secretarial and customer support departments are those who need a traditional stapler the most.They are then prescribed the stapler pliers in the manual stapler category and the Rapide 100E automatic stapler for electric models.The staplers strong or referenced Rapid 5080E, on the other hand, are recommended for law or accounting firms, where it is necessary to join more than 200 sheets for a large file.So if you work in crafting little tutorial books, the BOS440LR Long Arm or Rapid 106E Double Saddle Stapler is right for you.

Of course, these are not the only jobs that require the use of staplers. Whether you are a gardener or a graphic art designer, this material is useful in many ways.

The place of staples

This setting is essential since you want to staple a large booklet. Learn how to decipher the technical characteristics of a packet of staples. Take the easiest, 26/6 and 26/8 office supplies. First, the number 26 is for the normal value of the staple width. The number following the bar represents the height of the two feet, namely 6 mm or 8 mm. On the other hand, for the same reference, there is generally no precision on the wire with which it was made. It can be thin or thick and this affects the pressure applied.

The budget

The price of staplers varies according to the specifics of each model. For example, you can get your office stapler for 7 euros while the pneumatic stapler for nailing will cost you 250 euros on average. In any case, the last word is yours. Be aware, however, that a quality electric long-arm stapler will cost you no more than 175 euros.

The best long-arm staplers around

The Dahle Novus B54 long arm stapler

This automatic stapler allows you to bind all 170 sheets of your meeting table in one go. It is therefore available for any user of A4 and A3 white paper. Equipped with a double system, consisting of folding the wings of the Parisian fasteners and then ensuring that they do not overlap, it costs around 135 euros.

The Liu-Yu Long Arm Stapler

Ideal for office use, you will get this steel material by paying only 48 euros. No risk of oxidation. Since its capacity is 50 staples, it is recommended for A3 photo paper of 80 or 90g.

The Rapesco R79026 long arm stapler

This template is designed for manufacturers of school supplies, copier, letter opener, laminator and document protectors. A stapling of great depth equal to 300mm, an alignment stopper, an ability to bind 80 sheets of paper on average, a black color combining elegance and resistance, it has it all. And to get it, you just need to save no more than 25 euros.

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