Discover the different types of yoga


Would you like to become a member of the great yogi family? That is, to become a practitioner of yoga? Learn about the different types of yoga, their characteristics and other information here so you can choose the one that meets your needs.

Have you decided to become a yogi? If so, know that it is a great decision. However, you should choose the type of yoga that would work out of several dozen forms. In this article, learn some forms of yoga so that you can choose one according to your needs and goals.

Hatha yoga

Although based exclusively on physical movement, this form of yoga is gentle. If you are a beginner, this is the type of yoga for you, as it will give you the basics you need.

You will learn to meditate, to perform asanas, and to initiate the techniques of pranayama. It gives you a healthy body and a peaceful mind.

Kundalini yoga

The Kundalini aims for a rebalancing and a concordance of the energetic centers. It consists of pranayama, asanas, songs, mantras, etc. It makes work the various elements constituting the human being.

It is a good stimulant of the immune system and promotes mental regeneration. It is a cheerful exercise, which develops optimism and magnanimity. The Kundalini is ideal for who wants spiritual experiences.

Vinyasa yoga

This is the yoga of fluidity. It is made of rapid movements with a repetition of the positions, and each transition is marked by a breath. At the end of a Vinyasa yoga session, it is recommended to do pranayama, as well as a meditation exercise.

This type de yoga not recommended for novices. Indeed, the latter do not yet have any notion of asanas. A session of vinyasa yoga uses all muscles and bones, as well as the fascia. Through a form of meditation, energy flows throughout the body.

Yin yoga

Of all the different types of yoga, yin is that of rebalancing. It aims to refocus and rebalance the flow of energy, then calmed the internal fire. To be qualified as energy relative to the cold and the moon, intuitive and creative energy, yin yoga is delectable and accessible to all, even to new ones.

It is generally practiced on the ground, with accessories such as brick, cushion, straps, etc. By causing the pockets of tension to open, the heart rate slowing down, and the stretching of the fascia, yin calms the mind and provides a feeling of well-being..

Ashtanga yoga

Still called demanding yoga, Ashtanga yoga involves other types of Pantanjali yoga. As taught, theashtanga yoga lyon is based on performing the same set of asanas. In reality, the goal is to achieve a regular practice that will allow access to other psychological layers through physical endurance.

For many, Ashtanga yoga is rigorous and very physically demanding. The wish being to easily arrive at the final posture which is intended for the meditation. In addition, it is not enough to access it, you have to be able to stay there.