Why choose a vacation rental in Saint-Barthélemy?

vacation rental in saint Barthélémy

While you are looking for a destination to spend your next vacation, your choice is the paradise island of Saint-Barthélemy.

This destination is ideal for all lovers of superb beaches, hot water swimming and sun. However, it must be taken into consideration that a stay on this island requires a certain budget. Accommodation and food are not the most affordable. Also, staying in a hotel can deprive you of some of your independence. If you prefer to live at your own pace and eat your meals at the right time, why not simply opt for a vacation rental in Saint-Barthélemy ?

More freedom in a vacation rental than in a hotel

When staying in a hotel, especially if you choose a full board stay, you will need to keep up with your establishment, especially for meals. In addition, if you wish to make excursions, you will once again have to find out about the available timetables and therefore adapt. On the other hand, if you are staying in a house or a rental apartment, you will have the option of preparing your own meals or even going out to eat at the restaurant at the desired time. In addition, you can organize your day as you wish and thus live your holidays in total autonomy, which will be very pleasant.

In addition, a stay in a vacation rental will prove to be more intimate, you will be able to rest fully. Staying in a hotel for several weeks can be a bit tiring at times, it all depends on the hotel in question.

A significant price difference

Depending on how many people you are going on vacation with, renting a house, villa or apartment will prove to be more economical than staying at a hotel. The island is indeed known for its high-end hotels and the price of a stay in a luxury hotel establishment can be very high. On the island, you will find diverse and varied accommodation that will allow you to stay together sometimes in a paradisiacal and idyllic setting.

When choosing a vacation rental, you can simply divide the total price of the stay by the number of people present and it will save you money! While staying at the hotel, you will need to rent multiple rooms, which will cost you more.

The possibility of enjoying a vacation in a more personal setting

As luxurious and pleasant as it is, a hotel does not make you feel "at home" even during a relatively long stay. On the other hand, if you choose a vacation rental, it will be tastefully decorated and give you the impression of living in a more intimate setting. In addition, you will benefit from greater privacy in such a housing, without needing to get dressed before having breakfast for example. Note that some accommodations are as luxurious as a hotel and above all, they are always very close to the sea.

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