Understand moving costs

moving costs

For many of us, moving is often part of one of the most anxiety-provoking events in life, because we entrust to third parties what we have most precious: souvenirs, furniture or family heirlooms, household items. value etc. So you have to work with confidence and call on a serious moving company that will handle your personal belongings with all the care they require. Beyond competence, we must also ensure that we are paying the right price. Here's how to come up with a moving quote and what to ask questions.

A price based on volume and distance

Yes a moving company must always offer the customer to establish a quote, be aware that several parameters are taken into account in determining the price and that there are several methods to quantify the cost of this operation. When you contact a moving company, the thing that will be asked of you will be to determine the volume of your furniture and personal effects.

For an individual, it is very difficult to estimate the volume represented by the trinkets, objects and furniture that need to be moved. The volume is expressed in m3, that is to say a cube of 1m side by 1m high. You therefore have to use your imagination to visualize all of your belongings locked in virtual cubes.

For this reason, the moving company will start by asking you for a list of your furniture and the estimated number of boxes for smaller items such as dishes in particular.

The price per cubic meter is therefore objective data that will be easy to compare with the price charged by other competing companies. To this first criterion, it will also be necessary to add the distance between the place of departure and the site of arrival, just like the floor if it is a building and in the latter case take into account if there is or not an elevator. Many movers thus post prices per kilometer.

A price based on optional services

A move, however, is not just about moving furniture and objects from point A to point B. They have to be packed and protected. This is where a whole series of optional services come into play that can drive up the overall price of the transaction.

For an inexpensive move, you can choose to pack everything yourself and also buy all the necessary equipment (cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, tape, etc.) from another provider. The company that will do the handling often sells these essential accessories at competitive prices.

The other more luxurious version of the move is to delegate all of those preparatory tasks that are extremely tedious and tiring to your provider. In most cases, the professional will therefore have to come to your home in order to understand in detail the work to be done.

This is what you can judge the seriousness of a moving company. The time spent traveling to the client is one of the important indices in judging the competence of the professional and this will also allow him to foresee all the protective elements essential to his work.