The wine market in France

Nothing is going well for the French wines, which are struggling to be exported worldwide. The wine market in France is doing badly! What are the causes ?

The crisis in the French wine industry in addition to the numerous reforms of the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) have long been in the headlines in the media (see our article on the Côtes du Rhône). Indeed, it is a situation that raises many questions, as it is growing. If in the past, France has distinguished itself as a major producer of wine, it is clear that the competition does not allow it to continue to shine. Exports are now sluggish, with the arrival of new competitors such as South Africa, Argentina and many more.

French wine is in bad shape

This is what should be remembered, because the origin of this crisis affecting French wine is not straightforward. If specialists are to be believed, there are many causes behind it. Among other things, this is the drop in wine consumption associated with the arrival of new producers, which is hampering the export of French wines. In short, the competition does it no favors, even if the figures show that world production started to fall from 1990.

France can still take comfort, because it is not the only one to find itself on the export sidelines. It is closely followed by Italy and South Africa, while the United States and Greece, for example, are doing good business globally. Surveys to try to understand this drop in exports have revealed many factors responsible for this situation. The most obvious are the fight against alcoholism and changing consumer habits.

When the facts speak

From now on, France no longer occupies the first place of exports on the world level, but has indeed given way to the United States. Also, very recent studies highlight a significant drop in the volume of French wines, compared to the market for foreign wines, which have never done so better. As if all this were not causing enough damage to the national economy, red wines are also starting to lose market share in favor of rosé wines (29%). Their success, however, is overwhelming and has never been better.

On the other hand, we can also try to understand the fall in the export of French wines by looking at the strengths of the competition. Indeed, they are simpler and diversify both in terms of textures and tastes. In short, they are much more accessible on all fronts, which explains their impressive exports. In addition, they are the subject of intensive advertising, marketing and other market research, which can only strengthen their position as a world leader.

In the end, it should be remembered that the wine market in France is not really looking good. It is in the economic and export sectors that the picture darkens the most. French wines are no longer popular, and risk losing their reputation if adequate measures are not taken.

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