The USB key, promotional item or business gift?

advertising usb key

Acquiring new customers and retaining customers is the daily goal of any business. While advertising, in all its forms, is an effective way to reach new prospects or to recall a panel that has already used a product, promotional items also make it possible to thank a customer for their loyalty. These two concepts, however, correspond to separate business objectives and a different product line.

The advertising object for large-scale communication

The USB key as an advertising tool is the ideal product for an operation intended to affect a large number of people. It is easy to manufacture inexpensively, can be affixed with the company name or a logo, and is compact.

It is therefore typically the type of object that customers or future customers appreciate receiving because they can have it easily and it is above all a useful object. The company can even include a presentation that the customer will be able to present in turn if they wish to praise the merits of the service or product.

The USB key also offers excellent value for money because its production cost has decreased considerably and it is now easy to call directly on a manufacturer in order to eliminate the intermediaries and therefore obtain an even more attractive price. The other advantage of speaking to a manufacturer of promotional USB keys is to be able to design with them a totally original and unique object, best representing the identity of the brand.

It is therefore the choice of tailor-made for a product that will then be distributed in large numbers.

The business gift for more personal attention

Although an advertising USB key can be personalized, whoever receives it will understand perfectly well that he is not the only recipient. In this, the business gift fulfills a different objective because it comes to thank a customer for his past loyalty while encouraging him to place another order. Motivated by the idea of ??receiving such a gift again, he will have no interest in turning to a competing offer.

The business gift builds a personalized relationship and lasts. These are generally products that prioritize quality, and of a certain level of quality.

It creates emotion with the client who receives it and a more emotional and lasting bond because it strikes the mind and aims to remain in the memory for a long time.

Moreover, the business gift is never offered before the conclusion of a deal or a contract, but always a posteriori as a thank you.

By receiving it, the customer must feel truly unique and he will thus have the feeling of becoming a bit of an ambassador for the brand he is particularly fond of.

If the gift comes from the brand itself, this sense of belonging and identification will be even stronger. The business gift is often accompanied by a handwritten message from the manager of the company or his most important employee. The promotional giveaway will also be accompanied by a message, but this will be more impersonal and neutral.

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