Childhood development: from stimulation to fulfillment!

baby motricity

For Plato, the origin of philosophy is in astonishment. It causes the awakening of consciousness. It would therefore be thanks to the astonishment that the human being has become the perfectible being that we are. This astonishment begins as soon as the child is born. If the baby does not yet have a keen awareness like an adult, he is nevertheless on the lookout for everything that is happening around him and he will keep unconscious traces that will mark him for life.

In children, this astonishment is acquired through stimulation and what could be more stimulating than the toys which today are suitable for all stages of the child's development, starting with the famous baby mobile that accompanies the child when waking up and going to bed. It is a perfect object because it combines sounds, colors and movements to the delight of babies.

An astonishing development!

They say it's never too early to stimulate a child.At birth, babies have everything they need to learn; his brain is ready to go!But to do this, the brain needs stimulation, on the one hand to develop its motor and sensory skills, and on the other hand, its intellectual and emotional skills.A child's brain is developing at breakneck speed.At birth it represents 25 % of its capacity, by 3 years it has reached 80 % of its development and continues to grow with age.The more he is stimulated, the more creative he is!For the past thirty years or so, we have seen the appearance on the market not only of specialized toys but of specific activities intended to influence the deployment of all the child's faculties.

Cognitive development: a super power!

The different types of learning related to activities with children are necessary for their development: touch, smell, hear, taste, see, feel! So many faculties that are used to allow the child to experience life. It is through these experiences that the sensory and perceptual dimensions are enriched, that gross motor skills and fine motor skills are perfected and consciousness is refined. Suddenly, the little one does not babble any more, he has become this child who expresses himself and asserts his relationship to the world around him. He becomes a little more independent every day and his personality is starting to show up!

Attachment, the lever par excellence

The child is obviously predestined to evolve and develop his faculties. A strong and secure bond of attachment will give the child the ammunition necessary for a better self-esteem. His type of attachment will determine his perception of himself and his perception of others throughout his life. The development of the child should always be oriented towards a perpetual astonishment at life, towards an always active quest for oneself and to enhance his creativity. This is the price for the world to grow in style!

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