The automated house is for tomorrow

What will the house of the future look like? Some already manage to describe it, to imagine all its functionalities. And in many cases, it is about automatism.

The house of the future will be intelligent, made up of automation andgate automation. In addition to these characteristics, it will be economical in terms of energy, space and above all resources. The set will cost less, and be remote controlled with just the push of a button. Thus, you will only have to use a gate remote control (for example this one) to operate the shutters. From your sofa and even without making the slightest movement, you can control your television. In short, automatism will be king.

the Automation will let you know your caloric needs, which can even be displayed on your kitchen wall. The automated house is well and truly for tomorrow.

IT and home automation

Certain technologies such as telemechanics which will be part of the automatism inherent in the house of tomorrow are already available. The others will arrive in time. According to statistics, 75% of the world's population will live in cities from 2050. Consumption will increase, and resources will become scarce. The urgency is to make the houses respectful of the environment. Indeed, residential buildings use 30% of global energy, or 42.5% in France.

All this together generates nearly 90 million tonnes of CO2 each year, and everything must be done to reduce this production. Thus, the habitat will therefore evolve according to needs, which will lead it to be more functional and intelligent, hence the inevitable use ofautomatism in all forms. It's a real challenge to make it cleaner, but also smarter. In short, the house of the future will indeed be in accordance with the needs of its occupants.

Portals at the heart of automation

For over ten years, the Automation has a feature that appeals to many users. the gate motorization is already a reality, and several high-tech brands are implementing solutions to connect different connected objects. They are able to "think" and even structure the house according to the needs of the users. This is the magic of automation, one of the reasons Google bought Nest for a tidy sum of $ 3.2 billion.

As for the gates, they are increasingly equipped with automation of all kinds. Thus, in the range of automatic gate, you will be spoiled for choice according to your needs. There are a variety of electric gate, in different materials. For example, you can opt for a wrought iron gate, equipped with a buried engine. The assembly is equipped with a industrial robotics which ensures its operation. Whether you have a swing gate or a sliding gate, there are different types ofautomatism  which you can opt for.

Technology is evolving more and more, which suggests that the house of tomorrow will be fully equipped with automatism. It will also be well equipped with various sensors, solar panels and other control systems. The house of the future will also be smarter, even downright independent. We are already talking about technologies like Li-Fi, kinetic floor and many other technologies. So, are you anxious to live in a house that emphasizes automation?


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