The advantages of the Pinel law in Lille

pinel lille law

one of the most attractive municipalities in ??a major economic hub in the in the long is hard to rent out your accommodation if you wish.housing affected by the Pinel law.can save you a lot of money.

A tax exemption that can earn you a lot

When you buy an eligible home, you may benefit from a greater or lesser tax reduction depending on the number of years during which you agree to rent your property. Indeed, the aim of the Pinel law is to allow greater social diversity, by offering middle and low income households the opportunity to live in an apartment or a house that will be completely new.

You can choose to offer your property for rent for 6, 9 or even 12 years, in return you will be entitled to a tax rebate of 12, 18 or 21%. Several criteria govern the purchase of goods under the Pinel law, but the accommodation corresponding to these is numerous. Indeed, the Pinel law in Lille is seen as an asset by the town hall which has created partnerships with real estate developers so that new homes built most recently are eligible.

A much easier purchase to make 

In theory, to buy real estate you need to have some financial backing on your side, otherwise banks have a hard time lending you money. By choosing a well eligible for tax exemption, you can borrow without contributions, since the repayments will be largely made by the rents paid by the tenants.

This is a great way for lower income households to invest in real estate.

A way to invest in the future of the city and yours

By buying real estate and offering it for rent in exchange for a capped rent, you are acting for the good of the city of Lille, since new households will be able to settle there and breathe new life into this town. However, it is also a good investment for you, in the future you will be able to get your property back and either house it or sell it, although the latter option may not be possible for a number of years. Either way, you need to keep in mind that stone remains the safest investment today, especially as more and more qualifying homes are available.