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The cold is known to kill germs and relieve a toothache or sprain. We have all experienced the ice pack on an ankle, jaw or a bump after receiving a blow. Based on this observation, a system has been developed allowing the body as a whole to benefit from the benefits of the cold. This is called whole body cryotherapy. This original method should not be practiced in just any condition and can meet a specific need. The city of Hyères, in the Var, precisely offers a specialized center.

How to practice cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is not about locking yourself in a freezer for several hours waiting for a miracle effect. The process is much more complex and simple at the same time. Indeed, like UV booths for tanning, there are now cryotherapy booths for fast and effective treatment. The patient enters a kind of vertical cylinder which opens with a door and closes on him, leaving only his head protruding. The cabin is connected to a powerful machine that blows the interior with liquid nitrogen, which is actually gas. A significant vapor will be released as soon as the machine is started.

There is no gradual drop in temperature because, on the contrary, the body is immediately immersed, from the first second, in the liquid nitrogen gas which instantly lowers the cabin temperature between -110 ° C and -150 ° C. ° C. This incredible thermal shock will force the body to produce self-defense elements that are very beneficial for health. The body will thus develop more red blood cells, burn more calories and the inflammation will be reduced.

The practice of cryotherapy must be carried out according to a certain protocol. For example, this center of cryotherapy in Hyères offers maximum security by supervising the patient by a healthcare professional who can answer all of their questions. Rules are strictly enforced and respected, such as the ban on entering the cabin naked. The patient keeps his underwear and is asked to wear additional gloves and socks to protect the extremities which are more fragile. The session is very quick since it only lasts 3 minutes. The intensity of the cold is sufficient to be effective in a very short period of time.

Why practice cryotherapy?

Anyone can use this method, but it is particularly effective for recovering after physical exertion, and reducing inflammatory phenomena such as osteoarthritis, sciatica, or postoperative pain or after a fall. Cryotherapy is also excellent for fighting against heavy legs and circulatory problems and it also helps to fight sleep disorders, stress.

During a cryotherapy session, the brain produces a tremendous amount of endorphins which are beneficial in finding calm, calm and sleeping better.

Alle is also known to promote muscle and joint recovery because the cold helps eliminate toxins generated by the body during exertion and which are the cause of muscle soreness.

Finally, it is also effective during a diet to more easily eliminate fat cells. During a session, the body will indeed burn between 800 and 1000 calories. A balanced diet after a session will therefore allow you to lose weight more quickly with a beneficial effect on the tone of the skin.

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