Washable sanitary napkins: when PLIM makes its presentation

The countless benefits of washable sanitary napkins are no longer to be demonstrated. Women also have a wide choice of options, because many brands exist and some organic stores have washable sanitary napkin departments. In this profusion, Plim particularly stands out thanks to the quality and the particularity of its layers. Apart from the protections that it offers to women in different configurations, Plim also offers them the washable panty liner. This is an accessory that is part of the washable privacy protection range and therefore deserves a little attention.

Plim, for tailor-made protections

In addition to washable diapers which make its reputation, the Plim brand also offers a variety of panty liners. They can be used daily and are designed for this purpose. Their purpose is to protect the undersides so that they do not get stained. They are therefore excellent barriers against vaginal discharge, but also for small urinary leaks that may arise.

The other advantage of these kinds of layers, it is quite possible to machine wash them like their sisters. By hand with a simple mild soap or at 30 ° C in the machine, their cleaning is very easy. For those who think that the operation has constraints, it is absolutely nothing. The best way to get out of this as easily as possible is to prefer ecological liquid detergents. For drying, a good time in the sun allows them to be disinfected naturally.

A wide range of choices

To enable all women to cross the menstrual cycle, Plim offers intimate protections remarkably well decorated and soft to the touch. For those who are used to disposable panty liners, this is another world. The softer cotton side is on the side of the skin and the other is on the side of the panties. Thanks to a double press stud system, the set slips very easily under the panties. It is even possible to transport this panty liner discreetly by folding it.

The installation is very easy, and is done in a few simple steps. The material most used by the brand is organic cotton, known to allow the skin to breathe well in addition to preventing irritation. For women who are very sensitive, this is therefore the accessory to fall back on to make the most of the delicate period of menstruation. Many models are offered on the brand's website and each woman can therefore make the choice that suits her.

In the end, Plim is a brand that listens to women by offering them a varied range of washable diapers and panty liner In organic cotton. Depending on the intensity of the flow, there are different categories of towels to choose from. Medium, Plus and Max are the main ones. The patterns offered are also varied so that each woman has a unique layer that looks like her. So, are you ready to adopt Plim and his layers ?

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