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Difficult to make a choice for your new Thermal Binding Machine? We wrote this special thermal binding machine buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Thermal Binding Machine!

Our selection of thermal binders

Thermal binder buying guide


The binding machine is one of the essential accessories in the office. It allows many papers to be bound together to form a single document. But well beyond the traditional binder known to all, there is to this day the Thermal Binding Machine. Also known as the perfect binding system, it makes it possible to obtain very good quality bindings in a short time. More and more businesses are using it to bind very important documents. So which is the best choice?

What is the thermal binding machine?

the Thermal Binding Machine or the thermal binder is a device which is used for professionally binding medium series documents using glue and heat. In fact, the paper is glued to the back of the cover with hot melted glue. This is a process that is very popular because it avoids punching documents and thus, allows flexible documents with really elegant presentations. The Thermal Binding Machine gives documents the appearance of books, enhancing your reports or business proposals.

The different types of thermal binders

Different kinds of thermal binders exist.

Binding by fusible tape

As the name suggests, at this point, hot melt glue is available on a strip. This process consists of making the latter enter a slot in the binder which will suck it up. This glue will then be placed on the document to be bound which must be placed in the Binding machine thermal. Iron-on tape binding has, according to our tests, the advantage of being fast due to the very small number of operations and of making bindings of excellent quality.

Cold glue binding

Suitable for librarians and book makers, cold glue binding is a widely used process when making and restoring books to have a solid binding.

To do this, the sheets must be clamped on a gluing desk. Manually, a cross stitching (notches on the back to allow the glue to penetrate better) must then be done using a bookbinding knife to allow the first layer of glue to adhere to the document. As soon as this is done, a gas strip is then put on before a second layer of glue is deposited. The drying is then done in a few seconds and voila.

Binding in glued square spine or in box cover

There is no glue tape here. This type of device makes it possible to inject hot melt glue directly onto the document and to insert the cover on the document. Any excess coverage should then be trimmed. Whether your binder is compact or not, it can be used to bind box covers.

For maximum hold of your documents, it is recommended, after the tests carried out, to use machines offering bindings with stitching.

The various comparisons show that this Thermal Binding Machine has the advantage of being fast. Also, it allows good binding strength, has low cost consumables as well as very good adaptability.

The pre-glued cover binding

This blanket, as its name suggests, already has hot melt resin within it, present in the form of a strip at the central part. To make the binding, the papers are inserted into the cover. The Thermal Binding Machine then takes care of melting this glue, thus making it possible to bind the whole document.

This is a process that, according to our tests, is suitable for cardboard covers as well as for plastic covers, flexible or rigid covers. Beyond this clear advantage, pre-glued cover binders do not take up much space, are cheaper, convenient and easy to use.

Criteria for choosing a thermal binding machine

The best Thermal Binding Machine is undoubtedly the one that best meets your needs. To make the best choice, it is recommended to pay attention to certain criteria.


Not all thermal binders have the same specifications. Although they are all used to bind documents with glue and heat, each is more suited to one type of document. It is therefore recommended to make a comparison in order to identify the type of documents on which you wish to work. However, choose versatile machines that allow a wide range of possibilities.

The price

The price is an important element in the acquisition of a Thermal Binding Machine. Indeed, all machines are not created equal. It is therefore necessary to find out about the different costs. The other aspect that should not be overlooked is the price of consumables.

Ease of use and size

A good Thermal Binding Machine should be simple to use. This simplicity guarantees fast binding. It is also recommended to take the size of the machine into account. It must be adapted to your place of use.


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