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Difficult to make a choice for your new Platre Sander? We wrote this Special buying guide Platre sander to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we did our best to help you choose the best Platre Sander!

Our selection of plaster sander

Plaster sander buying guide

A plaster sander is a tool that you will need for finishing your walls and ceilings. With the many models on the market, choosing a drywall sander can be tricky. Knowing the different characteristics to take into account when purchasing this tool will allow you to easily test and compare the different models of existing plaster sanders.

The different types of drywall sanders

The two main variations of plaster sanders are the hand-held models and the giraffe models.Hand-held plaster sanders are perfect for precision work.Indeed, their configuration allows a better handling.This not only allows you to have better control over the pressure exerted on the wall or ceiling during sanding, but also to better direct the plaster sander.However, tests and benchmarks have shown that a giraffe plaster sander is a better choice when it comes to sanding ceilings and high wall sections.If you use a plaster sander without a handle to work at height, you will have to use a stepladder, which is not very practical for sanding large areas since you will have to move the latter each time .

A giraffe plaster sander is characterized by a pole as a handle.This makes it easy to reach overhead surfaces and is particularly useful when working on a ceiling.With a giraffe plaster sander, you can easily sand all of your walls and ceilings without having to use a stepladder or step.You will therefore have more mobility as well as better practicality and comfort of use.There are two variations of the giraffe sander.To know :those with a fixed handle and those with a telescopic handle.Telescopic giraffe sanders are a better choice.Indeed, their handle offers better comfort of use and its more practical.The length of the handle can be adjusted according to the convenience of the user and the surface to be reached.A telescopic handle also provides better reach for the plaster sander:essential for walls and ceilings over 2 meters high.

Weight: a feature not to be overlooked when buying a drywall sander

The weight of the machine is an essential criterion when choosing a plaster sander. Especially in the case of a giraffe sander. Tests and comparisons have shown in particular that a heavy weight can become uncomfortable with prolonged use. Indeed, a plaster sander involves being held in the air during its use, because it is used vertically and not horizontally. The lighter a drywall sander, the better will be its ease of use.

The different suction systems of a plaster sander

The drywall sanders are also characterized by their suction system. Indeed, plaster sanders are designed to be able to suck up the dust produced by sanding, which is essential for work at height. This not only prevents your workspace and your clothes from getting dirty, but also protects you from the respiratory risks of inhaling dust. There are two variations of a drywall sander considering their vacuum system. Namely: the one with an integrated suction device and the one requiring to be connected to a vacuum cleaner.

Drywall sanders with an integrated vacuum system are the best models. Indeed, with this type of plaster sander, you will have more mobility, in addition to not cluttering your workspace. The dust bag of a drywall sander with a built-in vacuum system is worn over the shoulder during use. Only the wire plugged into the AC outlet will be a potential inconvenience. Tests and comparisons indicate, however, that special attention should be paid to the volume of the recovery bag. Indeed, a large volume bag will prevent you from having to empty it more often.

Plaster sanders with vacuum cleaner output are preferred if you plan to sand large areas. In fact, the vacuum cleaners connected to this type of plaster sander have a more generous collection bag. However, a drywall sander with vacuum outlet is less ergonomic. This is because the vacuum cleaner adapter hose can get in the way and limit the range of the device. In particular, you will need to move the vacuum cleaner regularly during your sanding jobs to be able to tackle the next surface.

The abrasive fixing system

The last criterion to take into account when purchasing a drywall sander is its abrasive attachment system. There are two types, namely: self-gripping models and velcro models. Velcro models have the advantage of providing a firm grip on the abrasive sheet, however, they get dirty more easily than hook-and-loop models. Velcro abrasives are also more expensive.

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