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Buyer's Guide Stapler Electric Nailer

TheElectric Nailer Stapler is one of the essential tools for fixing or assembling materials. It is suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals such as roofers and carpenters. Depending on the intended applications, you have a wide choice of models. Here is a comparison of electric staplers to help you make the right choice.

What is an electric nailer stapler?

TheElectric Nailer Stapler is a useful device for DIY, fitting work, carpentry work and roofing work. It allows you to fix electrical cables, hang a wall tapestry or even hang posters with ease.

This type of stapler offers two functions, which saves considerable time. You can use it to nail wood or staple thin items without the slightest effort. You will only have to pull the trigger to get a good result. Practical and handy, the nail gun stapler is an ideal tool for intensive use. Its striking force is also greater than that of a manual stapler nailer.

The comparative test of electric stapler nailer models

TheElectric Nailer Stapler remains a better alternative to a pneumatic model which is designed for professional use. It is characterized by its efficiency in carrying out nailing and stapling work. With this multifunction tool, you will be sure to obtain a satisfactory result. In fact, nails and staples go deep.

The electric nailer stapler is available in two models. You have the choice between a wired model and a wireless model. The corded nailer stapler is perfectly suited for regular use. It is mains powered and has a long enough power cord. For outdoor use, a battery-powered stapler should be ideal. This will allow you to enjoy great freedom of movement. Plus, you won't have to worry about having an electrical outlet nearby.

How to find the best electric nailer stapler?

Here are some criteria to consider when finding the ideal electric nailer stapler:

The quality of the material

The quality of the material remains an important criterion in choosing an electric stapler. So that it can stand the test of time, choose a solid material. Metal and magnesium staple guns offer a good compromise between strength and lightness. They are also stronger than plastic models.


In order for you to be able to work in good conditions, your stapler nailer must be light and easy to handle. Also prefer a model with an ergonomic handle for optimal user comfort. So you won't have to strain when nailing or stapling objects over a large area.

Strike force

Do not hesitate to inquire about the force of strike, because this determines the speed and the effectiveness of the device. Indeed, a Electric Nailer Stapler with powerful punching power, you can get things done quickly. It is also advisable to adopt a model offering an adjustment of the driving depth, in order to be able to work on a variety of materials.

The security system

Before proceeding with the purchase of an electric nailer stapler, be sure to check its safety system. Make sure the trigger has a locking system to prevent accidents when stapling or nailing. The handle should also be covered with a non-slip material for good grip.

Other things to consider

Cargo capacity is one of the things you need to consider. Better to choose a pistol with a large reloading capacity so that you can work without interruption. The device should also have a full indicator, to avoid being caught off guard. If you opt for a wireless model, make sure it has an LED charge indicator.

Choosing the right staples and nails

Staples should be chosen based on the material you will be working on. The length of a staple suitable for an electric stapler varies from 14 to 25 mm. Beyond that, you have to opt for a pneumatic stapler. There are several types of staples, namely: thin staples for securing fabrics, flat wire staples, narrow staples and cable staples. These are ideal for woodworking. To staple plastic films, you can use flat wire staples. Narrow staples, on the other hand, are suitable for hard materials.

For a more precise finish such as framing and molding, opt for a headless nail. Note that an electric stapler nailer accepts nails from 15 to 50 mm. If you need to use nails longer than 50mm, you can turn to a nailer.

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