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Difficult to make a choice for your new Dolphin Pool Robot? We wrote this Special Dolphin Pool Robot buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we did our best to help you choose the best Dolphin Pool Robot!

Our selection of dolphin pool robot

Dolphin pool robot buying guide

With the return of sunny days, the swimming pool becomes a place of relaxation and essential fun for the whole family. Running at full speed, the pool needs to be kept clean at all times. What could be better than a Dolphin pool robot to maintain your pool in a good mood. In addition to saving you precious time, this device effectively cleans your pool. But there is a problem. How to choose the right Dolphin brand pool cleaner? Discover in this guide and comparison the answers to help you make the right choice.

Why choose a Dolphin pool robot?

First, the Maytronics Dolphin brand is recognized and positioned as a market leader in swimming pool robots. The products of this brand have the particularity of having an irreproachable quality of manufacture and efficiency. To go into a bit more detail, here are the reasons why choosing a Dolphin pool robot is a very good initiative.

Efficiency from Dolphin

In general, a Dolphin robot, regardless of the model, is able to perform automatic cleaning of high performance. Choosing a device from this brand means relying on years of expertise, since 1983. Each model has advanced technology that has been repeatedly proven to provide you with an optimal user experience.

Superior performance

Designed to be ultra-efficient, Dolphin brand pool robots optimally clean your pool. Depending on the size and shape of it, you will have different models as powerful as each other. This peculiarity is possible thanks to an intelligent scanning system, also called "smart scan". In the same vein, the presence of a brushing system. The latter is used to collect algae, bacteria and other dirt that is often found on the bottom, corners and edges of a swimming pool.

In the same vein, the capacities of filtration and suction of the water from a Dolphin pool robot are important. Efficiency is therefore no longer to be proven in collecting the smallest particle of impurities as well as larger debris.


The brand's swimming pool robots have reliable engines which can stop automatically in the event that an object blocks the way. This process is also active when the robot comes out of the water in the case of a Californian swimming pool for example. With some models, it is possible to go around obstacles, which avoids overloading the motor.

Are there different types of pool robots?

By making a small Comparative, you will find that there are three types of pool robots on the market: hydraulic robots, electric pool robots, and solar robots. It is by making a test that you can choose the one that suits you best.

The hydraulic Dolphin pool robot sucks up dirt and moves thanks to the force of the water triggered by filtration. Its autonomy certainly makes the hydraulic robot one of the best on the market. Hydraulic pressure robots are among the most efficient thanks to the broom plug circuit fitted with a booster. A hose connects the pool's filtration system to the robot, which can move around at random.

On a site of Comparative, we also distinguish the electric Dolphin pool robots which also shine through their autonomy. These are powered by electrical energy supplied by a battery or a plug. Some brands are promoting electric robots with their own charger, positioned in the pool. Although a little more expensive, the best Dolphin electric pool robots load automatically and are programmable. Particularly effective, these can clean the water line, the bottom and the walls of your pool without supervision. The device loosens dirt with a high pressure water jet and sends it into the pool filter.

Less commercialized, the solar robot is an interesting option for green people. Recharging from the sun's rays, this type of vacuum cleaner works with a battery. Being a surface robot, it only captures particles and dirt before touching the bottom of your pool. It will therefore be necessary to think of another cleaning system for the walls and the bottom.

How does a robotic pool cleaner work?

It is important to know that swimming pool robots work differently depending on the technology used and their functionality. Indeed, a hydraulic swimming pool robot, whether pressure or suction, sends the dirt into a pre-filter while moving thanks to your pool pump in the basin. An autonomous electric robot has an operation that relies on one or more scheduled cleaning processes. A model of this type will therefore brush, clean and vacuum the walls, the water line, the bottom, the stairs and the water line of your pool. Finally, a model with a booster will loosen impurities from the bottom and walls with a high pressure water jet. It will then suck them into a filter or send them to your swimming pool filter.

What type of Dolphin pool robot to choose?

In front of the plethora of supply on the sites of Comparative, it becomes difficult to choose the better Dolphin pool robot to keep your pool clean. The price will certainly tip the scales with some consumers. For a better Value for money, the hydraulic Dolphin pool cleaner will not disappoint, even if it takes a little time to clean your entire pool. In addition to minimal maintenance, you will still be assured of excellent reliability. If you want to take the opportunity to clean your stairs, choose a pressure hydraulic robot.

But the choice of better The dirt vacuum cleaner will also depend on the configuration of your pool. Small above-ground or in-ground pools with few angels and with a flat bottom are very suitable for Dolphin hydraulic pool robots. Hydraulic pressure robots adapt to all swimming pools (with angles, sloping?) And can easily clean nooks and crannies. However, check that you can install the booster before setting your sights on the pressure robot. Also make sure this type of model is able to climb to clean your stairs.

The Dolphin electric pool robot is also suitable for all swimming pools. If your choice is an electric robot, prefer models with two motors. After a little test, you will find that this type of device is very reliable. A robot with only one motor will suffice if you have an above ground pool.

What are the characteristics of swimming pool robots?

The choice of better Dolphin pool robot will also depend on the characteristics of the latter. When making a Comparative, take the time to read the detailed model sheet so as not to regret your purchase. Pay particular attention to the types of coatings suitable for the robot and its filtration capacity. This capacity is expressed in microns and varies from 2 to 70. The lower the number, the better your pool will be filtered.

If you have a sloped bottom pool, check whether or not the model you have selected was designed for that type of pool. Also pay attention to the pump output which must be high. The type of brush (usually rubber to effectively clean shell pools), the duration of the cleaning cycle, the length of the hose and the weight of the Dolphin pool robot are also among the criteria for selecting your new robot.

Most of best Dolphin pool robots are able to clean the water line, which remains a considerable advantage given that the latter clogs up quickly. When comparing products, also check that the robot's wheels or tracks are non-slip.

How to use a swimming pool robot?

To use this type of equipment properly, you must first of all read the instructions for use of the model you have purchased.This will allow you to know all the manufacturer's recommendations.Next, you will need to plug your pool vacuum cleaner into the skimmer or the broom plug in the case of a hydraulic model.In the case of a pressure robot, the connection must be made to the delivery nozzle or to the booster.Electric robots, on the other hand, are plugged into a simple electrical outlet or a battery.Solar models, as their name suggests, will run on energy supplied by the sun.

You will then need to put your robot in the water and power it up.For booster units, make sure you have turned on the pool filtration system before starting the booster.At the end of all this, your cleaning robot will move more or less autonomously in the basin.Note that a hydraulic model can perform cleaning by forgetting certain areas of your pool.It is therefore often essential to guide the machine in its work.An electric model on the other hand will work quite independently.Simply run a cleaning program of your choice and voila!

Maintaining a pool robot

Maintenance is a very important step if you want your robot lasts well over time. If you also want it to do its job well, you will need to maintain it. How to proceed ? You should therefore know that various elements must be maintained and cleaned to optimize the operation of a swimming pool robot.

  • The filter
  • Also called "silt bag" it is crucial to clean the filter after each use, especially if it has its own filter. Plus, cleaning is a breeze since you just need to rinse it with clean water. Be aware, however, that if yours is too dirty and the dirt is struggling to come off, you will need to replace it.

  • Brushes
  • In PVC or in foam, brushes in bad condition or worn will have the impact of a suboptimal functioning of the robot. Indeed, it will not move as well as during the first use and will not be able to work the walls of your pool either. You should therefore check them regularly and, if necessary, replace them with new ones.

  • The tracks or the wheels
  • Be aware that when a robot has obvious difficulty moving or climbing walls, it can mean that the wheels are damaged or worn. It is therefore very important to check them regularly. For the tracks, see if they are not too far apart. If so, you will need to replace them.

  • The propeller
  • This component of your pool cleaner is particularly exposed to blockages by strands of hair or waste. This kind of situation will seriously compromise the filtration of the machine and its efficiency. Thus, it is essential to check the condition of the propeller very regularly. If it is strongly blocked, you will need to replace it. In any case, rely primarily on the instructions for use to know how to proceed.

Cleaning the exterior of the robot and its storage

As far as you want properly maintain your Dolphin pool robot, you will also need to take care of its exterior part. To do this, after each use, remember to clean your food processor with a little soapy water. Rinse, then dry the machine with a microfiber cloth. Be careful, never put your robot to dry in the sun. For storage, you just have to place it on its cart if the model you bought has it.

Also, to take your Dolphin pool cleaner out of the water, especially if it is an electric model, never pull it by its power cable. It is the same for its handling on the ground. Above all, be sure to always use the dedicated handle.

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