How to apprehend safe use around a motorized gate?

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Ensure safety through the design of the gate and the motorization

Much depends on how the various components (switches, remote controls, intercom, flashing signal, sensors, encoder, rail, racks, controllers and motors) are assembled and connected to each other to meet an optimal operating environment. Given the large automated portal models currently available, as can be seen at, the choice of type (swinging, sliding gate, wicket, sectional or tilting garage door) has no influence on the safety measures to be considered for use.

Security around gate automation is generally ensured by a combination of methods:

- Gate design and installation planned to eliminate risks such as a sliding gate that goes down a slope, derails or goes out of the way and falls.

- Stability and resistance of supports (hinges, jacks, articulated arms) and foundations (pillars, walls, fences) to adequately resist the dynamic forces resulting from the weight of the moving electric gate and the effects of the wind. This is to minimize the adverse effects on actuators, photocells and detection systems.

- Fixed protection to prevent or restrict access to the drive gears of the gate motor. But also enclose the rear of sliding gates to avoid the risk of shearing between the gate leaf and the fixed parts.

- Speed ??control, including deceleration when approaching the limit switch or rotational movement in case of risk of crushing.

Responsibilities to consider in the event of an interview

Components can wear out and fail, sometimes catastrophically. Like most machines, electric gates must be maintained to remain safe in use. Motorized gates forming part of workplaces or common areas of a residential complex will be subject to the Health and Safety Act in terms of access control. The occupants, owners and managers of the premises will have constant responsibility for the safety of all users and all those who may be confronted with the portal.

Those who undertake work on a gate motor, whether it is a swing gate operator or a sliding gate operator, are responsible for what they do and for leaving the machine in a safe condition. This may include shutting down and disconnecting power if the equipment is to remain in an unsafe condition. Substantial changes may require a reassessment, or even in some cases a new CE marking by the party making the changes.

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