How to organize a voice-over casting to find the perfect voice?

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To enhance and enrich a trailer, movie, or any type of video created by you, you may need to find a voiceover who will perfectly recite various texts you choose. This can also be the case when creating an advertisement or even an audio extract broadcast on the Internet for example. Finding the perfect voice is not going to be easy, but with a little research you will certainly have the opportunity to hear the tone of voice that suits your needs.

It is on the net that you will be able to make a first selection most easily, from which you can then organize a voice-over cast. Remember to go ahead to create the latter, because all professionals have obligations and will not necessarily be available at the same time, so to optimize your chances of working with the voice that you like the most, start thinking to whatever you want right from the start of creating your video recording.

Platforms that bring together voice-over professionals

There are several ways you can find a voiceover, the easiest perhaps being to consult the platforms where professionals have a page and audio clips of their voices. In this way, you can discover the talent of each of them and make your choice according to the different timbres of voice. Once a first selection has been made, all you have to do is contact the professionals and organize a casting, depending on the availability of each of course.

On the platforms, most artists will redirect you to their website, on which there will be many audio samples, so you will have the opportunity to listen to each voice in different intonations, some of which are more suited to texts. dramatic for example.

A professional environment in which agents can help you

Professional actors who act as voice-overs will often have an agent representing them. It is by contacting the latter that you can hope to land an interview or even propose the casting to the actor. The latter will be free or not to accept depending on the nature of your project and its agenda, which is often managed by its agent.

Some agents represent several professionals and will therefore be able to direct you to those who are most likely to meet your expectations.

A reliable but expensive intermediary agency

Some agencies can put you in touch with different voice-overs once you have explained your selection criteria precisely. However, while you will not have to worry about contacting the actors directly, you will still have to pay costs related to the agency's research work. These can be quite important and may not be supported by all directors, especially in small productions. This solution can be handy, however, if you're short on time or just can't seem to find the perfect voiceover.

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