How difficult it is to choose the right doll!

doll house

The age of girls and boys, certain characteristics of their characters, and why not, the taste of the parents, can be decisive in the choice of a particular doll.

Common sense tells us that the shapes of the dolls should be different as the baby grows, as he becomes a child.
On the other hand, although there are no theoretical samples or scientifically elaborated recommendations which indicate which is the ideal doll according to the characteristics of each child, we can try to choose it according to these characteristics. Finally, choosing a doll, guessing the honored person's taste, can be an enjoyable game for adults.

Playing with dolls is always a good idea. Not only does she encourage the imagination, generating role play in which children position themselves as adults with an established profession, but her instinct for protection is also brought to light. Your toy is part of your life as if you were a son, younger brother or best friend who is “groomed”, “taught”, “taken to the doctor” and “cooked”.

From an early age, they begin to develop a maternal or paternal instinct, and become very affectionate with those close to them. These symbolic toys encourage children to imitate adults. They learn new activities, acquire different skills, expand their vocabulary and put themselves in each other's shoes. Playing "mom and dad" helps them understand their relationship with their parents and prepares them for the role they are likely to play in the future.

Between one and three years….

Needless to say, the wrist should not have hair or small pieces that can be pulled out and put in the mouth. No hard parts either.
You can think of the “baby” doll, barely eight inches long, in one piece and made from one piece of plastic.
At this age, children are already starting to enjoy recreating familiar situations with their dolls, such as eating, sleeping or going to the doctor. Later, from the age of six, they like to play who they are, or what they want to be when they grow up. It's time to think about adding a doll's house to their play environment which will broaden the relationship and the situations imagined with their toys….

Little girls full of energy

They naturally help their mother take care of the newborn baby brother. They get excited in the street when they see a baby. They are kissing with the little ones all the time.
The ideal gift for them is the “Classic Newborn” (eyes open or closed), with a soft body. Its 57 centimeters and its attention to detail give it an incredible baby look. To kiss her endlessly. To “bite it”.

For parents who want to raise their children from an early age in a spirit of broad and generous coexistence, who want to see them grow up convinced that there is only one thingone race and that is the human race, for them there are dolls with a black complexion or typical Asian or other parts of the world.

This is why it is so difficult to choose the right doll!

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