Health: how to eat well during a motorcycle road trip?

eat well motorcycle road trip

Motorcycle road trips promise to get away from it all, enjoy the great outdoors and have a memorable adventure, provided you are well prepared. To stay in shape during the trip, it will be necessary to rethink food issues. How to eat well on a winter motorcycle road trip? Our advices.

Hydrate well

eat healthySpend the whole day on his bike, the helmet screwed on the head and your feet on the gearshift, is exhausting, especially when you have to contend with the cold. To avoid hypothermia and loss of concentration during the ride, it is imperative for the rider to eat properly. The first thing to remember is that you need to hydrate frequently and to ward off the bitter cold, there is nothing better than a hot drink.

Both tea and coffee are recommended because they help reduce feelings of fatigue, improve alertness and promote concentration. It should nevertheless be remembered that these are stimulants, theine like caffeine are certainly dopants to get back in shape, but if they are ingested in high doses, this can cause symptoms such as nervousness, headache, depression. dehydration or even exhaustion. The other healthy alternative is vegetable broth, packed with minerals and vitamins, it boosts the body and allows you to quickly regain good shape.

Regulate meals

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day when you want keep a good food balance, especially in winter. The same goes for motorcycle trips, take care to eat a meal rich in carbohydrates (wholemeal bread, rusks), proteins (cereals, dried fruits) and lipids (dairy products, cheeses). We also make sure to get plenty of vitamin C and avoid anything saturated fat that weighs down the digestive system. At noon, we avoid dishes that are too rich (in sauce or stewed) and we prefer plates of fish, vegetables and other raw vegetables, easy to digest and which provide good nutrients, thus promoting blood circulation.

When it comes to snacks, avoid sweets and burgers or other fast food products high in saturated fat, salt and refined sugar, and hydrogenated fats. It is better to opt for granola bars, dried fruits and candy bars which are rich in simple carbohydrates, helping to quickly replenish the body's energy reserves. Do not forget to stock up on vitamins C (citrus fruits, vitamin supplements) and D (mushrooms, sardines, oysters, butter, etc.) which help to better cope with the cold and resist infections.

Finally, to ensure that you stay in good health during the motorcycle trip, you will need to be well equipped for the cold. Hood, full face helmet, lined jacket, gore-tex pants, heated gloves and waterproof jackets are essential. Don't forget to pack snacks and a thermos in your backpack to ward off the sensations of small cravings.