Having an outdoor kitchen: a new trend in homes

outdoor kitchen

After spending long winter months inside a warm house, spring and then the warmer months and autumn encourage us to live outdoors to the fullest. To receive friends without constraint and enjoy the garden, the barbecue and meals outside formula is the most suitable solution. And to avoid spending your time in your kitchen by making incessant back and forths leaving your guests, the ideal solution lies in the outdoor kitchen. Here you will find some easy tips to implement this new trend.

The fixed and semi-covered outdoor kitchen

If you really want to protect the different elements of your outdoor kitchen, the ideal is to opt for a semi-covered solution. Many chalets are thus equipped with an open pergola with a modular roof intended to protect the kitchen facilities. Others also have a sheltered kitchen under a terrace for longer use throughout the year.

The key is to think carefully about the desired use: will it be an extra kitchen intended only for cooking or a real kitchen complete with refrigerator, dishwasher and sink? The more sophisticated the outdoor kitchen, the more it will be advisable to protect it from the elements or to choose sturdy materials such as stainless steel for example.

It should also be remembered that the connection to water and to a drainage system will be more expensive and will require more complicated work if your kitchen is located far from the house. Logic, however, is that the further the summer kitchen is from the main living area, the more pleasant it will be to have as much equipment as possible, thus avoiding incessant back and forths.

It should also be taken into account that outdoor kitchens usually have few walls, it is impossible to fit high storage units. It will therefore be necessary to reserve low items for crockery and basic groceries.

The outdoor kitchen in nomadic mode

Many also opt for an outdoor kitchen with elements that can be moved and stored in the winter in a garage or the basement.

More and more kitchen manufacturers are thus developing nomadic ranges with complete elements installed on wheels. However, always plan to place them on firm, level ground. This type of outdoor kitchen is generally less sophisticated than sheltered kitchens because it is rare to find a cold spot or water.

Admittedly, this type of layout is more of a sophisticated barbecue / cooking area than a real kitchen. The preparations of certain dishes will therefore be done more often indoors, with the cooking part outdoors.

Finally, there are ultra-compact kitchen units, mounted on wheels, comprising a storage area, a small fridge, a plancha electric or gas as well as a retractable worktop. You just need to be able to install it near an electrical outlet and you're good to go, without any additional work or expense. This solution is ideal for terraces or small gardens.

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