Business Travel: Why Do People Prefer Furnished Apartments Over Hotels?

While hotels are the favorite haunts of businessmen and women, today there is an accommodation solution that appeals to them: furnished apartments for rent. If you are one of them and still go to a hotel, there are many reasons why you should choose furnished studios to rent over hotels for your business trips.


When you stay in a furnished apartment on a business trip, you stay in a fully equipped house with a living room, bedrooms and most importantly, a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal. This saves you the trouble of spending your per diem in restaurants, outside, or ordering take-out meals that are not at all healthy. You can prepare yourself a delicious dinner as you wish. This not only saves you the trouble of having a tourista, but also of cooking a dish that you usually make at home.

If you want peace of mind and a healthy body, the safest way is to rent a furnished apartment that you can easily find on furnished apartment rental platforms for business tourism such as Magic stay. You settle into a cozy accommodation that you choose from a selection of apartments that meet your personal criteria.

Well located

Spacious apartments for business travelers are usually in destination cities, in a well-located neighborhood that makes getting around easy. This is an undeniable advantage of this hosting solution. Not only do you have easy access to your place of work, but shops, leisure and tourist activities are nearby.

On the accommodation platforms, you can find the perfect rental apartments for various popular cities in Europe. So you will be sure to find one near your business destination that offers other privileges such as great views and leisure opportunities.

Suitable for long stays

There is one thing that can be extremely annoying about business travel. They can last a long time or sometimes fluctuate unexpectedly. It is in these exceptional situations that you can get the most out of your stay in a furnished apartment rather than in a hotel.

A stay in a furnished apartment means flexibility. You do not have to sign for a minimum stay at the hotel reception. If you plan to book a business trip as a group, accommodation platforms may provide you with multiple apartments for long periods.

Possibility to bring the family

A furnished apartment for business travelers is usually designed to accommodate a family. If you don't like being away from your family and feeling homesick after a few days, this accommodation solution allows you to have your loved ones by your side.

With a rented apartment, you feel like you are coming home at the end of the day rather than returning to a hotel. You have your little family who welcome you and with whom you dine in the evening after a busy day.

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