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Difficult to make a choice for your new Rolling Scaffolding? We wrote this Rolling Scaffolding special buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Rolling Scaffolding!

Our selection of rolling scaffolding

Rolling scaffolding buying guide

To ensure the safety of workers when working at height, there is nothing better than having a rolling scaffolding. The quest for lifting devices that are both functional and reliable is no easy task. This work site equipment constitutes better individual or collective protective equipment. Unlike other construction machinery like suspended scaffolding or fixed scaffolding, it is distinguished by pneumatic tools that help you move it easily as needed. The casters accentuate its practicality and ease of use.

To put it simply, scaffolding is defined as a structure supporting the work at height platform whether it is a renovation or a construction. It allows workers to safely reach a building working height of up to 6m.

It is equipped with a collective protection system at all positions on the plateau. Specialists call it a guardrail, the objective of which is to minimize the possible risk of falls from a height.

The use of a rolling scaffolding must comply with standard NF decree 2004-924. It is recommended by the labor code and safety organizations as part of the procedures of European standard EN 1004.

According to our tests and comparisons, more and more people are opting for this temporary construction of its multiple advantages. To make sure we are not mistaken, let's see in the first part of the essay the good reasons for choosing rolling scaffolding.

Why the rolling scaffolding?

This protective equipment performs its tasks correctly, regardless of the maintenance work. It is suitable for a one-off or repetitive building activity in a vertical plane such as carpentry, carpentry, painting and structural work. As for the horizontal position, it is also suitable for trades related to electricity, plastering and heating. In short, this type of scaffolding is particularly prized for its versatility.

That's not all, many people prefer this material for its easy assembly. There is no need to hire an expert to carry it out. Just follow the manufacturers instructions and you're good to go. According to buyers, they also like the quick assembly. As for the dismantling, the operation does not require the presence of a specialist. Building professionals can do it without difficulty.

Apart from its main role, rolling scaffolding is also defined as better material lifting. You can use it to transport equipment and products for construction. It is at the same time an excellent tool holder.

Easy to use, this overhead crane is adjustable in height. It is equipped with the non-slip platform to ensure the health and safety at work of the building. The risk assessment is already well done before using it. It also has a fall protection system. Security measures are taken for optimal security. However, some craftsmen even take specific training to correctly use this type of forklift. The aim is to accentuate the prevention of occupational risks.

Faced with the diversity of models on the market, we must admit that the search for a better rolling scaffolding is a real headache. In order to find the item that suits you the most and simultaneously save valuable time, the following parameters must be considered:

How to choose the best rolling scaffolding?

The material

For mixed sites, there is nothing better than to favor the lifting platform in galvanized steel. It still performs well, whether it's outside or inside. This material is prized for its robustness to weather conditions and impact.

As for the site which requires high mobility, opt for the aluminum structure. Erecting scaffolding can be both quick and easy thanks to its light weight. You have no difficulty dropping it or asking it repeatedly. In addition, the aluminum scaffolding provides great maneuverability. Comparing to a simple scale, it offers optimal practicality. It's up to you to see what meets your expectations.

The level of security

To ensure safety at work, it is strongly recommended that managers be well informed about this information when purchasing equipment. According to French scaffolding legislation, there are three very distinct levels for professional use.

First, the rolling scaffolding must at least comply with Decree 2004-924. This standard is strictly mandatory in order to use it properly.

Level two requires this previous charter, but accompanied by the manufacturing standard. The equipment must be designed according to the decrees in European and French decrees.

For the level three safety register, these two formulas must be respected and the scaffolding must also be NF certified. Thanks to this, your forklift truck provides more guarantees in terms of quality and safety.

Finishing the scaffolding

Thanks to its rolling characteristic, this construction equipment differs from the crinoline ladder. Even if the latter is similarly a means of access to the maximum height of a building. The crinoline is attached to the building and cannot be moved. On the other hand, the rolling scaffolding can be handled as we see fit. It's up to us to focus on the quality of the wheels.

Also inquire about the length of the scaffolding. If you choose a longer device, remember that its load-bearing capacity must be just as great. Current models have a length between 2m to 4m. If your work takes place indoors or outdoors, opt for the 2m material. On the other hand, favor long equipment if the sites are large and very high.

As for its width, this indicator mainly concerns indoor work. You must take into account narrow corridors, the presence of stairs and the passage of door to door.

To provide yourself with a quality rolling scaffolding, we recommend that you find out about its adjustment. It is the same for its folding base as well as the tube diameter. There are a number of things that need to be carefully considered to find the perfect material. Don't hesitate to ask for brand awareness. This indication constitutes a guarantee of quality for the users. Finally, you should also have more information on the standards and regulations for the manufacture of the device. This will reassure you when using the equipment.

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