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Difficult to make a choice for your new Guillotine? We wrote this Massicot special buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Cutter!

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If you are looking for a convenient and easy way to cut paper, a paper cutter is the ultimate solution to your problem. Whether private or professional, this machine is of great use in handling paper in everyday life. This type of document shredder will delight countless people with its ease of use and straight cut of the document. Thanks to its special design, it helps you to cut a large quantity of sheets more precisely.

Part of the professional cutting equipment, the trimmer consists of a circular blade equipped with a protective guard. It allows you to slide the cutting head on the metal bar. It is mainly used to rectify an outline by cutting edges or to model a format. If you want to process large format architectural plans, posters, design or posters, the trimmer is your ideal device.

As for the photo paper shears, it is one of the cutting tools that are simple and easy to handle. The shears consist of a cutting blade that flips over the bedknife to provide a better paper cut. This material has a great cutting thickness of up to 30 to 50 papers depending on the model.

Even if the cutter is not new, it remains an essential daily equipment whether in the office or at home during creative leisure operations.The idea is largely evolving, since the machine is not only used in printing.It especially finds its place in companies today.The cutter is one of the most popular office supplies.At school, it is also considered to be both practical and effective school supplies.Most of the time, the hardware comes with other professional equipment like staplers, binder or hole punch, labeler, laminator, folder, counting machine, multifunction printer and many more.

As technology advances, manufacturers keep presenting countless models of the latest innovation. The cutter is available in several types, namely manual, electric and automatic.

How a paper cutter works

A paper cutter is a paper cutting device that can be manual or electric. It is often used by craftsmen who make books, but also by professionals who work in offices. Its cutting is precise, whether it is paper, plastic film, bristol paper or even cardboard.

The cutting precision of a guillotine comes from the stop adjustment device which offers a cut to the millimeter. You can deburr edges that are jagged and get more smoothness. You also have an indicator on the cutting plane which provides a better view of the position of the document to be cut so that the cut is in exactly the same measurements at the top and bottom of the paper.

If you want to cut shapes, you can use the angular guides of a paper cutter. You have the possibility of creating more rounded angles for a perfect finish of the document.

In order to preserve the sharpness of the steel blade, it can be removed and sharpened. But it also has its protection just like you have protection for your fingers.

In general, all paper cutters work the same. Whether yours has a lever or a spool cutter, the movement is the same: you lower the lever or pull on the spool cutter. To do this, all you need to do is use a slight force of your arm to slice through the document to be cut. Depending on the type and size of the cutter, it is possible to work on standard (A4) or larger (A1 or A2) size papers.

The advantages and applications of a cutter

The strong point of a paper cutter is to cut a paper with precision, which is not possible with a pair of scissors due to the lack of visibility on the straightness of the cutting length. In addition, it is possible to have a fairly thick cutting width since a cutter can cut multiple papers.

On a more professional and high-end trimmer, you can tackle cutting a thick stack of papers and even heavy foil and cardboard. An electric rotary blade cutter is also used for cutting sheets of film.

To sum up what has been said, a paper cutter is a cutting tool that saves you time and effort while achieving precision with a margin of error of a tenth of a millimeter. This therefore makes this device very useful for craftsmen and for people who have to handle and cut paper at their workplace.

The cutting plane is marked with measures and guides corresponding to the types of documents (A3, A4, A5). You will also find a ruler and a protractor for cutting the edges. It doesn't require you to use a geo-triangle. You have all kinds of conventional formats like photos, business cards, credit card, etc.

These guides are proof that the cutter is a versatile cutting tool and offers you many possibilities. If you've taken photos printed on paper, this is a solution that lets you trim them accurately if you have difficult-to-fill frames. If your kids have to make crafts on paper, a paper cutter can make their job easier.

In addition, the steel blades of the guillotines are positioned so that they do not come into contact with the fingers. A guide rail holds the cutter blade in a fixed position that prevents it from reaching the surface of the cutting plane, and possibly your fingers.

Compared to a pair of scissors or an open knife blade, the paper cutter is thus a more precise paper cutter, but above all a safer one.

To summarize the advantages of the cutter, here are the highlights to remember about this cutting tool:

  • Precision cut and well aligned
  • Cut without burrs on the edges
  • Possibility to cut several papers at the same time
  • Cutting documents more stable than with other types of cutters
  • Safe use

However, the advantages always come with a few disadvantages:

  • Cannot be carried as a pair of scissors or cutting knife
  • Blade can wear out quickly depending on the type of cutting paper
  • Requires a fairly large amount of free space on the desktop

How to test a paper cutter?

If you have not yet decided on one of the paper cutters offered in this comparison, you can review some models that you will find in a specialized store. This will give you a clear idea of ??the criteria that can help you choose the best cutter for your needs apart from those you will discover below, the next paragraph.

Among other things, looking keenly at a few paper cutters, check:

  • The quality of the blade
  • Cutting measurements (cutting height, cutting length and cutting width)
  • Security options
  • Dimensions and weight of the cutter
  • Wear protection

How to choose the best paper cutter?

The different kinds of cutter

In order to have a better cutter, it is first necessary to keep in mind that the selection is first made according to your needs. This information allows you to indicate the type of cutter that meets your expectations.

The manual cutter

According to buyers, this cutter is very operational office equipment. To this end, she contributes a lot to general services in a company to cut papers. To manipulate the device, it works through the manual activity of the levers. Therefore, it requires a force exerted by the user in order to cut the documents. If you wish to have this equipment, we recommend that you use it occasionally. Its use can become tedious if you have to process several sets every day.

According to our comparison and test, this type of cutter costs less. It comes in two versions. You have the choice between the table cutter which can be placed on office furniture or a table and a cutter on stand. This is equipped with a metal support for increased handling.

The electric cutter

As the name suggests, cutting is done through electricity. The blade is equipped with an electric motor to manipulate the device effortlessly. Therefore, you can use it frequently depending on your needs. According to our tests, the machine is mainly dedicated to printing use. It provides a good result, as the cutting capacity can reach up to 550 sheets at the same time.

The latest generation cutter

At the cutting edge of technology, this model benefits from all the innovative technical characteristics. It is equipped with blowing nozzles for ease of use. In addition, you do not run any risk when using it, since manufacturers add different options to protect you from dangers. For this, you can operate the equipment safely and easily. Like the previous version, this machine is also reserved for professionals.

Based on this information, you can finally define the type of cutter that meets your needs. However, this indication may still prove to be insufficient to properly choose a better cutter, then the other selection criteria to consider:

  • The characteristic of the document
  • This setting is crucial in finding the item that suits you best. To make a good investment, it is essential to opt for multifunctional paper cutters which are capable of handling all types of documents. To illustrate this passage, some are able to cut color paper, photo paper, white paper and even toilet paper. Others are good at cutting more or less stiff sheets such as decorating racks, card making and business cards.

    The maximum paper size should also be considered when purchasing the machine. If you want to cut A4 paper, your ideal cutter will be with a cutting length of 370mm. The a3 format can be processed with a length of 430 mm. The same is true for A10 format documents.

  • The practicality of the device
  • Our test results show that buyers prefer the lighter weight cutter. In order for the product to be more operational, it must be easy to lift and carry, even if it is not designed to be moved repeatedly. This feature accentuates its practicality as a low-consistency machine is often space-saving. As a result, it easily finds its place in its storage mode.

    If you want to equip yourself with a manual cutter, opt for an item with an ergonomic lever. It gives you comfort of use since it offers an excellent grip.

In conclusion, there is nothing better than choosing models that are easy to maintain. Thanks to this, you don't have to spend a lot of time doing maintenance. Some devices with a quality finish have an optimal longevity.

However, it is best to maintain the cutter blade regularly to extend its life. As it is one of the most important trimmer accessories, it requires specific maintenance to cut your papers with precision. This operation can be both quick and easy. You just need to sharpen it repeatedly or also change it if necessary.

Some tips on using a paper cutter

Some models of paper cutters allow you to cut paper according to your wishes, as they are equipped with two angular systems that you can use simultaneously. One is positioned to the side while the other is at the bottom. Their function is to position the paper correctly. On the best models, you have the flexibility to adjust these angular systems to the size of the paper, and then you get an exact 90 degree cut.

A paper cutter is equipped with a cutting surface on which the guides are located. When choosing yours, you need to consider its size. If it is smaller than the documents you are going to cut, you will have creases and irregularities in the cut.

For cutting thick and hard papers, you need a larger cutter. If you regularly work with large documents that need to be cut at the same time, it is recommended that you choose a large cutter.

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