What if you set out to explore Melun?

Small town located about forty kilometers from Paris, Melun will prove to be an ideal location to get away from the tumults of the capital for a short weekend. Although it is not the typical destination for a break, this commune of Seine-et-Marne is full of assets that could charm you. Find out more about what to expect in the following.

A place close to Paris

If you are running out of time, but you have need to temporarily escape the Parisian routine, Melun is a great option to consider. It is close to Paris, and you will have time to make a quick return trip so as not to waste your time on the roads.

This proximity is also advantageous, since you will not have to do any really special preparation, at least if your physical condition is not special. Those who are undergoing treatment, where the pregnant women that need to be followed closely just need to be cautious. Prescription and treatment should not be forgotten. We must also think in advance about find an approved taxi in Melun and get in touch first, just in case. He will pick you up from Melun's guard, also take you to restaurants in town, help you find nearby hotels, etc.

Activities for young and old

Almost all possible activities will be at your disposal. Cinephiles will be able to watch films at cinema "The varieties". Those who want to relax can possibly relax at the spa. As the city has complete sports facilities, athletes can let off steam. Whether in the swimming pool municipal, to the various sports courses offered or by doing bike at the edge of the Seine.

The zoo the wood of Attilly with its large natural spaces and its more than 300 animals, will charm nature lovers. A media library Astrolabe will quench the thirst of those who love to read or need to research, even during their break.

Historical monuments and captivating museums

For the pleasure of the eyes, but also for learn about French history, and particularly that of Melun, certain sites are essential.

The first of these is the National Gendarmerie Museum which has acquired rare pieces and rich collections that are worth seeing. The exhibitions that take place there are always very well done, and the games and entertainment offered by the establishment will interest even the youngest.

Saint-Aspais Church is a monument that you should not miss if you are staying in the city center. Its rather unusual architecture, Gothic inspiration, and its stained glass windows are breathtaking.

Do not hesitate either to make time to go and contemplate the Saint John fountain where the bell tower Saint-Barthélémy. All without forgetting the Priory of Saint Sauveur, a true historical monument, a vestige of a time when the city was the capital of the Kingdom of France.

But the city also organizes themed guided tours if you don't feel like the hassle or want to make sure you don't miss a thing. Don't forget to bring a map of France, if necessary.