All about a ceramic shower

ceramic shower

If you are planning to redesign your shower and are wondering where to start, among the most important are the shower wall and floor. It is recommended that you choose the materials you are going to use carefully. When it comes to decorating walls and floors, give ceramics a chance.

The use of ceramic tiles like those in the Laval decoration in showers will create environments requiring less maintenance than those opting for other types of tile.

This incredibly popular material is used in showers around the world thanks to a winning combination of practical and aesthetic benefits. But there are many more reasons why ceramic tiles are perfect for the shower.

Shower ceramics have the dual advantage of being waterproof and having an easy-to-clean surface, which prevents the growth of molds so dangerous and so common in other building materials.

The advantages of ceramic in the shower are endless. Here are some of the features and strengths that will convince you to choose ceramic for your shower

The ceramic shower is water resistant

Water resistance is an essential quality when it comes to shower tiles, especially because of the humidity that this part of the house generates. Fortunately, glazed ceramic tiles have a practical protective layer that makes them waterproof and stain resistant. When the shower is filled with steam after a good shower, the ceramic walls in the bathroom will be easy to clean and will not leave any traces.

Ceramic shower is durable

Unlike some types of tile (and many other flooring options), ceramic shower tiles are extremely durable and unlikely to crack with daily wear and tear. If the tile is installed correctly by a professional, it is no wonder that ceramic tiles will last over 40 years. Plus, if one of the bathroom tiles has a crack or an impossible-to-remove stain, replacing a single tile is an easy process.

Low maintenance for a ceramic shower.

Ceramic shower tiles do not require a lot of effort because they are easy to clean. Just wipe or clean off dirt and other stains in seconds. Like kitchens, showers are particularly stain-prone, making low-maintenance tiling a priority for busy homeowners looking to keep their showers clean and pleasant without any hassle.

Ceramic shower is affordable

Compared to other tile materials (such as porcelain), the price of shower ceramic represents an affordable option that does not compromise on style or practicality. The durability of ceramic shower tiles helps to recoup the initial cost of the first installation. And of course, there is no doubt that ceramics significantly increase the selling price of any home.

The design possibilities are endless

From size and shape to color and finish, there is a wide range of design options for ceramic shower floors. The different ranges include styles such as wood look, glossy white, brick meter and effect encaustic, among many others. This makes it easy for any homeowner to find shower tiles that blend seamlessly with their existing color scheme and design themes.