An adventurous trip to Nhim Island

If you are a person who loves quiet space, green and wild beauty like the countryside, you must spend a day at Nhim Island, this island will make you happy with everything: the landscape as well as the people.

If you have more time, you must try to spend the night on the island to see the sunrise in the morning, you can pitch a tent or stay in a homestay. However, there is no electricity on the island, most people here use solar panels, so if you remember bring a flashlight and an emergency charger.

How to get there?

From Cao Dai temple, you go to DT 781 street to Duong Minh Chau town, cross about 17 km to get to the lake shore. If you go early from 5 to 6 in the morning, you can go with the locals (because in the morning they go to the land to buy food), the ticket is only 20,000 VND / no one. If you are going in a group, you can rent a boat up to around VND 300,000 and go early to avoid the sunlight. The journey takes 15 to 20 minutes. Nhim Island is very wild and the forest occupies a large area, you can rent bicycles to do trekking, the boat also carries bicycles or motorcycles.

What to do on the island?

Since this island is very wild, one must find out with your experience yourself. First you go to a land road near the lake, both sides are green cassava fields for you to live the virtual life.

Inside there will be a grocery store considered the cultural center and also remains the most comfortable place in the village. The food and drinks here are quite cheap. Opposite the grocery store, there is a path that leads to the beautiful lotus lake. Before going to the island, it is better that you must first contact the owner of the grocery store, she will cook for you, you will have the opportunity to eat outdoors and enjoy nature at the cheap price .

Nhim Island is an ideal destination to escape from Saigon, with a short trip, you can feel the wonderful moments, enjoy the green nature, the fresh air, peaceful ... to welcome a new day.