A stabilized rose for a perfect decoration

For a long time, you have marveled at the magazine photos, with the almost immortal flower decorations. Did you know that today many varieties of flowers are eternal? Like the preserved rose, these flowers are pre-treated to remain as beautiful as on the day they were picked. If you want to adopt this preserved rose, then take some notes on this eternal original beauty.

A natural process for the magic of immortality to work

The rose is a symbol of love. Depending on the color, its meaning oscillates between affection, friendship and passion. Today, giving flowers is still a gesture that many appreciate. Flowers, including roses, are also sold by the thousands every day for embellish interior decoration. On the other hand, some plant varieties like the rose struggle to last for several days in a vase.

Very quickly, the petals are tinged with sepia and eventually fall off. We must therefore redeem some. So as not to spend a gold mine on renewing the flowers every day, why not turn to the stabilized rose ? It is an originally natural rose. Thanks to freeze-drying, it retains its fresh beauty for several years without changing its appearance. For this, horticulturalists replace the natural sap with components such as glycerin.

By proceeding in this way, aging is therefore stopped. The rose remains beautiful and natural.

Unique decorative advantages with a preserved rose

Usually a rose lasts about 2 days. You should therefore renew the contents of your vase up to 3 times a week. Which will end up costing you dearly, considering the price of roses. One quality that no other process offers is to keep the rose almost immortal. Indeed, the lifespan of the eternal rose is 5 years.

So you can enjoy its beauty for a long time. Another advantage is having the choice when it comes to colors. You have red, white, pink roses, but also multicolored roses like a rainbow. Whatever type of decoration you adopt, the eternal rose will please your interior. Better yet, the preserved rose lends itself perfectly to the game of gifts.

Gifting a preserved rose is a wonderful gesture that extends the meaning of the flower itself. This is to prove that your affection is immeasurable, just like the immortality of its petals. Order your eternal roses and have it delivered to your door within days.

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