2 remarkable landscapes in Australia not to be missed

Australia is a huge country attracting thousands of tourists and travelers year after year. There are so many wonderful places that it takes longer to enjoy all the discoveries. If you want to visit fabulous landscapes, Tasmania and the Kimberley are among the destinations that you must absolutely favor.

Tasmanian Cradle Mountain

Le Cradle Mountain est l’un des sites les plus réputés de la Tasmanie, se trouvant dans le parc national de Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair. Il est fait partie du patrimoine mondial par l’UNESCO. En effet, durant votre séjour en Australie, vous allez découvrir une nature sauvage par excellence. Cet endroit abrite des paysages différents et époustouflants en passant de vallées, de plaines fleuries, de forêt tropicale tempérée, de lacs glaciaux et profonds, de hautes montagnes composées de dolérite avec des pics rocailleux et pointus, à de longs chemins boisés. C’est le terrain de jeux idéal pour les randonneurs !

The Cradle Mountain offers excellent hikes for example through the tracks of Hanson's Peak, Ballroom Forest, Enchanted Nature Walk, Dove Lake or the famous Overland Track, which stretches from north to south of the park, from Cradle Valley to at Lake St Clair. Along the way, you may have the chance to see animals such as platypus, wombats or the Tasmanian devil. You will also be able to see Mount Ossa which is the highest mountain in Tasmania.

The Bungle Bungle in the Kimberley

The Bungle Bungle is one of the jewels of the Kimberley region, in the state of Western Australia. This massif is located in Purnululu National Park and is one of Australia's UNESCO World Heritage Sites for its unique beauty. To get there, you will need to rent a 4 × 4 from Halls Creek or Kununurra, for crossing rivers for example. But once there, the site visit is done on foot. We discover the famous domes of quartz sandstone of orange color, horizontally banded with anthracite gray crust. The latter look slightly like cones in the shape of beehives with steep walls.

These sandstone formations are only part of a whole. In this ancestral land, you will also find a labyrinthine network accentuated by winding gorges, a gigantic natural amphitheater, magnificent fan palm trees, clear waterfalls and a natural swimming pool, etc. This environment is inhabited by many animal species such as wallabies, marsupial wallaroos, reptiles and different types of birds.

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