What are the differences between a graphic design studio and an advertising agency?

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There are differences and similarities between a design studio and an advertising agency. A graphic design studio is characterized by the visual communication of ideas, values ??and goals presented by a client through creative processes with high technological power, generating great impact and great appeal through a very clear message that reaches a certain social group or a certain target.

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On the other hand, an advertising agency is responsible for creating the communication strategy as well as the message it projects. Analysis and research are carried out to detail a target audience or objective, using the most effective channels and media for each audience and thus, result in perfectly clarified and effective "marketing" objectives.

Advertising is the message, graphic design is the form!

In other words, advertising covers the overall promotion of a product or service while graphic design is the articulation, the relationship between the image of the product and that of the organization.

What are the similarities between an advertising agency and a graphic design studio?

  • Both have great creative power and they focus on visual content.
  • They seek to differentiate themselves in each of their works by obtaining unique and exceptional results.
  • The direction of their messages is guided by the two-way relationship between communication and entertainment.
  • The direct relationship between graphic design and advertising helps the viewer understand the message of the ad, brochure, catalog ... so that an advertising memory is created.
  • The need for digitalization by companies that require good promotion and optimal design to differentiate themselves from others in such a competitive channel as the Internet today.

Difference between an advertising agency and a graphic design studio?

  • Most design studios do projects aimed at branding a company that projects into the environment, while advertising agencies focus directly on the consumer.
  • Graphic design studios focus on the tactical part while advertising agencies are more tied to the strategic aspect of a business plan.
  • Design studios generally do more specific work such as programming, designing, printing ... stationery, catalogs, packaging, online, etc. Advertising agencies focus on complex and time-scheduled communication campaigns with the treatment of different media.
  • Most design studios specialize in creating “graphic pieces,” and advertising agencies cover different media, channels, in short, different forms of business in the commercial environment.
  • Graphic design is a profession whose goal is to satisfy the needs of visual communication. Advertising is a method of communication, usually massive, which aims to disseminate a message through a series of media to promote the consumption of certain products or services.

Therefore, graphic design is not advertising, and vice versa, but the two complement each other to better meet the needs of consumers since they coincide even in the greatest differences.

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