Valentine's Day: which watches to offer for this kind of occasion?

When you want to give a gift to your man, Valentine's Day poses a major problem: it's difficult to find a romantic, useful gift that will please. Unsurprisingly, many women are turning to the most popular piece of jewelry among men: the watch. However, when you are not in a relationship with an enthusiast and you do not know anything about it yourself, choosing a watch is a real headache. So, how do you choose a watch to give away for Valentine's Day?

Rolex and other major brands: a risk-free choice

In watchmaking, there are certain brands that have been authorities for more than a century. They are essential and allow you to make a quality gift without taking any risk. If your man loves watches, even a little, he can't be disappointed to receive a Rolex. Be careful though to make sure that your purchase is Rolex certified, because there are many counterfeits

Also, don't immediately exclude the most famous brands from the gifts you are considering. Of course, some models are extremely expensive and it is unlikely that the Valentine's Day justifies such a gift. However, there are models of certain brands available at quite reasonable prices.

How to choose a beautiful watch: the features to look out for

If you don't know anything about shows, you will need to quickly learn how to assess the quality of a product. For that, you have to know how to judge it. So start by forgetting the visual aspect of the watch, because that is the best way to get ripped off. Concentrate on its technical characteristics, that is to say the quality of its glass, the origin of its movement and the power of its mechanism.

A good quality sapphire crystal is the minimum for a beautiful watch, as it is resistant to bumps and scratches. A quartz mechanism, that is to say battery-powered, is the cheapest. A mechanical watch must be wound daily, unless it is automatic. An automatic mechanical watch winds itself to the rhythm of the movements of the wrist. It is therefore a more complex and expensive mechanism.

Look out for Valentine's Day deals

In the world of watchmaking, designers do not hesitate to produce limited edition models. These models are generally excellent investments because they will remain scarce and increase in value.

Be careful, however, not to be fooled by certain big haute couture houses. Many of them take advantage of their reputation to produce mediocre watches which they sell at a high price. Always prefer watches made by a company whose core business is.

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