Renting a medical bed at home: what you need to know

In addition to human help, or more specifically healthcare personnel, certain diseases require the occasional use of appropriate medical equipment. And among those that professionals in the sector offer, there is the medical bed available for rent, but also for purchase. In this article, we will focus on renting this kind of equipment.

What is a nursing bed?

First, it is important to define what a medical bed is. This is a specific bed allowing a patient in bed, disabled or in loss of autonomy to rest as if he were admitted to a hospital. There are different types of medical beds, to be chosen according to the pathology and the patient's needs:

  • The standard healthcare bed equipped only with two electric functions which is intended for people of the third age having difficulties in terms of mobility.
  • The medical bed Alzheimer's equipped with safety equipment in addition to electrical functions to prevent falls.
  • The bariatric medical bed which is a special model suitable for people weighing more than 135 kg. Its maximum load is 270 kg.

Why have a medical bed at home?

This particular type of bed is first of all essential to keep a patient at home instead of hospitalizing him if this is not necessarily necessary. It is thus used when rest is the main treatment that must be given to the patient. Most often a bed of this type is fitted with more or less high barriers and other equipment to promote the safety of the bedridden person. Options designed to make life easier for the patient, but also for caregivers, are integrated into this type of device.

Other useful accessories sometimes accompany a hospital bed, such as wheels for ease of movement or a gallows to provide freedom of movement for the patient. This device is therefore crucial if we want to provide the necessary care to any patient requiring strict bed rest.

Who is entitled to it?

This kind of medical equipment is often prescribed to treat people who have conditions that need to be treated over a medium to long term. The elderly or those who are in a situation of loss of autonomy or those who suffer from mental handicap require the use of a medical bed. For rental, its use is recommended for patients who need a period of convalescence or for short-term treatments.

Why choose rental?

In addition to the fact that some illnesses do not require the purchase of a medical bed, the rental is still interesting in various ways. First of all, full coverage of the equipment by social security is often the case in such cases. In other words, the user will only pay part of the bills or at best, nothing at all! Indeed, this social assistance can be up to 65 % in a normal case and 100 % if the patient benefits from a exemption from user fees.