What are test inks?

What are test inks, and what can they be used for? You will have all the answers to these different questions, and more ...

There is a very simple method of determining the surface area of ​​several materials, using test inks. These are mainly plastic, glass, various recycled or composite materials. According to specialists, these inks are the best tools to determine the surface, and to ensure the quality of production. They help avoid unnecessary risks, and ultimately ensure a satisfactory result.

Why measure the surface tension of a material?

Before any printing operation (white and black or not), it is important to make sure that the ink cartridge to be used will adhere well to the material, whether it is paper or otherwise. So for the different phases of ink printing, painting and gluing, the material to be used must be more or less hydrophilic in nature. So in general, it should not have too much porosity and the most common are:

  • Glass
  • The textile
  • The film
  • Etc

On the contrary, the material to be employed may not be wettable in water or oil. This means that it offers no adhesion, which is often the case in the manufacture of filters. This is why it is very important to know the surface tension of the material, before embarking on any operation. To achieve this, we often use test inks. These are calibrated liquids that can be applied to the material (other than paper) according to specific rules, before production.

It is a method of determining the value of the surface tension level of the material. Subsequently, it can easily be measured at the accepted values, depending on the manufacturing process and the compatible ink to have good adhesion.

Test inks and use

As with many measurement methods, an analysis of results from test inks must be performed. Indeed, the observed surface tension is often only an approximation of the state of the substrate at a particular time. Over time, this surface tension value may decrease. Also, it would be wise to look at the reactions of surface inks. In the event that the liquid continuously sprinkles the surface after it has been applied, the surface tension of the material under test is better than the corresponding value.

The ink cartridge test is therefore carried out several times with a higher value. The operation is then continued, until the continuity of the film is broken and it bumps instead. The surface tension of the material then corresponds to that of the last test inks used. These are indeed those, which served to completely wet the material for at least 2 seconds.

In conclusion, specialists still recommend the use of test inks. Very useful for determining the surface tension of the material, they will help you avoid printing errors with your canon printer. Test inks come in a wide variety, depending on uses and materials. Refer to professionals, to benefit from the best recommendations in the matter.


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