The multi-task hand-held vacuum cleaner

hand vacuum cleaner

A standard vacuum cleaner is often large enough and too heavy to be used in high locations and tight areas. That's where handheld vacuums come in, making it easier to maneuver around the toughest corners with a compact design and light weight. Those who decide to acquire a portable vacuum cleaner will also find that this device is an interesting and almost indispensable addition to any other cleaning equipment.

Concepts and accessories for portable vacuum cleaners

Handheld vacuums are generally cordless. They can come in the form of a "dustbuster" and / or in the style of a stick. Cordless broom cleaners look like thinner versions of an upright vacuum. They have no drawstring, but should still be used by pushing back and forth like on "upright". As they are battery powered, they have a fairly limited run time and are better suited for small cleaning jobs.

Entry-level models have a design similar to the dustpan. They also have fewer specialist tools and attachments. This does not mean that they have less suction power or that they are less maneuverable, however. A good handheld vacuum should at least have a crack tool to help clean out really tight spaces. Some models have turbo brushes to quickly pick up animal hair. They can also be fitted with upholstery brushes and a mini flexible hose for cleaning chairs and curtains. (Read the guide for good choose your vacuum cleaner)

Convenience and maneuverability of portable vacuums

The handheld vacuum cleaner is like a smaller, portable version of a traditional vacuum cleaner. The main advantage of a portable vacuum cleaner is its convenience. Indeed, this type of device is generally used for cleaning cars or vacuuming animal hair.

The weight and size of the device are critical aspects of its effectiveness.The weight of this type of equipment varies between 0.7 kg and 2.3kg.Most models have a weight of 1.5kg.The average dust container capacity of a portable vacuum cleaner is 0.5 liters, which is significantly smaller than that of conventional vacuum cleaners which average 5 liters.Battery life can range from 5 minutes to a full half hour.The lifespan also influences the charging time, which can sometimes be a whole day.Some models have an indicator light to indicate the battery level and are rechargeable with a plug-in cord.There are also portable vacuum cleaner docking and charging stations that can be attached to a wall.Some models have even smaller dimensions and sizes, which greatly reduces their lifespan and autonomy.Unlike 'stick' vacuums, they do not claim to replace all the functions of a conventional corded model.They are also more difficult to maneuver on large surfaces because their handle is too short.(source: Which stick vacuum to choose?)

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