The motorcycle helmet market

The motorcycle market, visor, cross helmet, full face helmet, shark helmet, in short, the helmet market in particular is doing well. At least that is what we can remember from the most recent statistics. The market for modular helmets, scooter helmets, women's jet helmets, hjc helmets, roof helmets, shoei and cross helmets has experienced tremendous development in recent years. Motorcycle equipment sales are estimated at more than 10 million pieces, representing a turnover of around 286 million euros.

The coming months are full of promises for sales of modular and cross models. This will allow manufacturers of 2-wheel equipment to do good business, but above all, to position themselves in a market where competition is very tough. Thanks to the compulsory nature of this motorcycle accessory since 1973, its market is very flourishing.

From an economic point of view

In France, are sold on average per year, more than 800,000 helmets all models combined. This obviously takes into account the models mentioned above, in particular the hjc helmet, the full face helmet, the roof helmet, the shoei helmet, the women's jet helmet, the scooter helmet, and the modular helmet. This area is closely linked to the durability of the modular or cross helmet which must be replaced every 5 years. Thus from an economic point of view, the profits linked to this activity on French soil are estimated at around 180 million euros each year. At the head of the best sales recorded in recent years is the company Shark and its famous shark helmet which prances ahead with its high-end helmets as a particularity. According to its official balance sheet filed in 2012, it accounts for more than 400,000 units sold.

It is by offering something new each time that the company manages to maintain this level of excellence. The sector is diversifying very quickly thanks to the marketing of modular and cross helmets intended for women. More and more of them are interested in motorcycles and scooters. Based on this fact, several manufacturers estimate the growth in the coming years at 80%.

The high end has its say

The helmet market is also experiencing a boom in premium offerings. These are modular, cross and other helmets sold for over 200 euros. This is a category that drivers are increasingly turning to for a number of reasons. The high end therefore occupies a significant place in the turnover of many manufacturers in the first quarter of 2016. According to estimates, the high end of motorcycle equipment is around 23%.

In short, the overall outlook is very positive and the dynamism of the wheeled helmet market is motivating. It is especially the manufacturers who derive the greatest benefits. On the one hand, they are doing good business while offering new things to drivers who are always eager to discover the latest models. This growth is therefore an exceptional phenomenon in the climate of economic gloom which reigns in many countries.

Manufacturers can therefore rub their hands, because the next few years promise great revenue. The motorcycle market itself is growing strongly, which can only generate more sales in other motorcycle accessories, including helmets.

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