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Difficult to make a choice for your new Perforating Binding Machine? We wrote this special buying guide Binding Perforator to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Binding Perforation Machine!

Our selection of punch binding machines

Binding punch buying guide

The punch binding machine is an essential tool in office automation. In its primary function, it allows documents to be linked together in a relatively short period of time. We will then say that this machine is presented as a tool that is both practical and economical. Thinking of including the punch binding machine in your shopping list? To help you choose the best punch binding machine you need, check out this buying guide, finely crafted by our editorial staff. You will also find a comparison of the best punch binding machines of the market.

What is a punch binding machine and what is it used for?

A binding machine is a machine for collecting or more precisely bind several documents into a single book or book. This is a practical and revolutionary tool since in the old days documents had to be bound by hand with a stapler or other device. Binding jobs are getting easier and faster today.

You should know that a binder has several names. While some prefer to use the word binder simply, others have opted for the term "binding machine" or "binding machine". Don't be surprised at terms, like punch binder, punch binder and punch binder. These describe as closely as possible the real functions of a device of this kind: making holes in the documents, then binding them in order to obtain a professional quality book.

Due to its utility in business, the punch binding machine quickly dominated the professional world. It has even become an essential tool, especially for companies that use various related documents on a daily basis. Note that apart from the use of a punch binding machine, there are other methods for producing professional quality bound documents. We cite in particular the stapling binding, the secure notarial binding and the channel binding.

The different types of punch binders 

Depending on the mechanism, we distinguish:

  • the manual punch binding machine,
  • the all-electric punch binding machine.

Both have clear advantages, so it's up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Aside from the various nomenclatures, the punch binding machine is also available in several variations to suit the needs of each stationery and business. We find in particular:

  • the plastic ring punch binding machine;
  • the metal ring punch binder;
  • the thermal binder.

From these variants arise two binding techniques, namely:

  • mechanical binding (which combines binding using plastic rings and binding using metal rings);
  • perfect binding or thermal binding.

The plastic ring punch binding machine

The plastic ring punch binding machine remains by far the easiest to use. In fact, this is the type of binding that is most often found. According to the tests carried out, it is also the most practical model since the plastic spiral is inexpensive. That's not all ! The machine also offers great flexibility.

the plastic binding is meant to be fast, because all you have to do is insert, modify and add the sheets of paper required to complete the work. It is then sufficient to reopen the plastic comb.

The result obtained is also suitable for personal and professional use since the structures open 180 °. This model is considered to be the best punch binding machine, as it makes documents easy to read, handle and photocopy.

The metal ring punch binding machine

This model offers a much more qualitative finish, and a professional and durable rendering. If the metal binding so popular is because it provides a permanent and perfectly reliable binding. On the other hand, it will be difficult to modify a bound document. The reason is that the metal spiral is difficult to remove.

If you opt for a metal ring punch binder, you will need to carefully check your document before final binding. Documents bound from such a machine open 360 °. This obviously facilitates reading, handling and photocopying.

Perfect binding

Perfect binding or thermal binding offers an even faster binding method. As a main advantage, we will advance the quality of the rendering which allows you to have a document totally similar to a book. Plus, it's a quick and easy method of binding. On the other hand, the small downside is in the life of your documents. This is because thermo-binding is not as durable as the previous two methods.

How do you choose the best punch binding machine?

In order to choose the best punch binding machine adapted to your needs, it is essential to include several criteria in your comparison. This includes asking yourself how often you will be using your punch binding machine, what size paper you intend to use, how many sheets do you usually book in binding, do you need your punch binding machine? in the office or at home or both, etc. In short, here are the elements to take into account to find the best punch binding machine.

Frequency of use

Depending on the frequency of use, there are two ranges of punch binding machines:

  • the home use punch binding machine or for occasional use;
  • the heavy-duty punch binding machine (or frequently used).

To choose the best punch binding machine, focus on meeting your real needs. According to the series of tests carried out, it is really essential to choose according to your expectations. This is because if you choose a punch binding machine intended for occasional use when you want to bind a large volume of documents, the machine may be damaged quickly. In most cases, your documents won't hold up either. Whether in plastic or metal rings, the important thing is to identify your frequency of use.

The paper format

Almost all equipment for binding documents supports the format A4, whether it is portrait or landscape oriented. So, on this point, you won't have to worry about it. Besides A4 sheets, a machine of this kind is also capable of bind A3 papers, except that you will have to use your imagination. Indeed, to create good quality files, it will be necessary to punch and bind the sheets in portrait mode.

Note that there are also models of punch binding machines designed for bind A5 and A6 sheets.

The type of document to bind

The capacity of these consumables varies from model to model. For example, if you are used to binding a 4-page document, a pocket punch binding machine will do very well. On the other hand, for the office, it will be necessary to envisage a more powerful and more powerful machine, because you will have to bind a large number of sheets.

In a more concise way, the choice of a punch binding machine should also be made according to the number of pages to be bound. If it exceeds 50, you will need to invest in a big binder able to punch your sheets in packs of 5 and a hard cover and quickly complete your binding jobs. This model is also to be recommended if you often have to bind large files of 350 pages or more.

Value for money

The best punch binding machine is certainly the one that offers a best quality price report. To get an idea, take a look at our comparison of the best punch binding machines on the market.


This detail matters a lot when doing regular bookbinding work. Indeed, the idea is to choose a binder that is both compact and ergonomic that gives you an unparalleled user experience. The trick to doing this is to try out the machine before purchasing. At the slightest discomfort, zap, then switch to another model.

The budget

The purchase of a punch binding machine, no matter which model you choose, is a long-term investment, especially with heavy and frequent use. Today's market offers machines to suit everyone's budget, so all you have to do is figure out your maximum budget. However, you must remember one thing: a professional machine costs more than a machine for occasional use.

Other point : the price of a binding machine also depends on its range. Obviously, to acquire a model that is both high-performance and high-end, it will cost a small fortune.

The brand

The brand of a punch binding machine is a guarantee of reliability and quality. The trick is to focus on known and recognized brands in order to have the guarantee of acquiring quality supplies. In our comparison of the best punch binding machines, you will find famous brands.

How to use a punch binding machine

Internship report, commercial catalog, technical documentation, financial report, university thesis, cooking recipes, internal company journal? The punch binding machine allows you to make several types of presentations. Indeed, when we talk about how to use a perforator, we are essentially referring to the usual binding technique, because the two always go hand in hand.

Plastic binding

The plastic ring comb binder is a very easy to use machine. In other words, you don't have to be a seasoned professional to bind documents with it, unless you want to get into art bookbinding. Indeed, the trick is to proceed step by step in order to obtain a professional quality rendering.

So, to properly use your punch binding machine, you must first check that it has 21 rectangular holes measuring 8 mm long and 5 mm wide (for A4 paper). Next, place the sheets in the machine to punch through them, then insert the combs into the teeth of the binder and place the punched sheets there. Close the comb and you're done.

The metal binding

The metal perforator usually has 34 holes which can be square or round depending on the model. They are never rectangular in shape. Do not be surprised to see wire binding machines with only 23 holes. The latter has a greater capacity, at a rate of 1 to 300 sheets, compared to only 120 sheets for the classic 34-hole model. Note that the number of holes determines the number of perforations.

As for the mode of use, you will proceed in the same way as with a plastic binding machine. In other words, you perforate your sheets, your cardboard folders or your brochures. Then you spread the combs apart and place the perforated sheets on the hole punch binder making sure the covers are inserted first and last. Finally, close the comb. There you have it, your bound document is ready.

Thermal binding

Most thermal binding devices operate from an electrical source. Note also that this method does not require any perforation work.

To create a bound document with this type of equipment, simply place the sheets in a thermal blanket and the machine does the rest. In fact, the ends of the sheets are coated with fixed glue which, thanks to the punch binding machine, will be heated and then softened, thus facilitating its fixation. Once the document is removed from the machine, the glue gradually cools.

How to maintain your punch binding machine?

In order for your hole punch binding machine to maintain its shine and its former performance, it is crucial that you maintain it regularly. Rest assured, this process involves simple actions. For example, when cleaning your office, think about dust off your binding machine. The dust, when it accumulates, eventually causes malfunctions in the punch binding machine.

Another tip: whenever you are not using your device, cover it with a cloth or plastic blanket. For occasional use, it is best to store the perforator in its box.

Apart from these gestures, periodic maintenance are also to be expected. Depending on your availability, you can clean your punch binding machine every month or every three months. This process involves disassembling the machine in order to meticulously clean each part. To do this, you must obtain a cleaning product exclusively intended for office consumables.

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