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Our selection of combustion analyzers

Combustion analyzer buying guide

It is very important today to preserve the environment in relation to the various human activities. However, today's society cannot afford to completely eradicate the use of polluting systems or polluting activities. Theemission of polluting or harmful gases to the environment, as well as energy consumption, are factors that must be carefully controlled. One of those areas to watch out for is the use of combustion heaters for heating homes and apartments. Industries are also the first to be affected by combustion analysis. Non-electric cars and motor vehicles are also worth considering. Nowadays there are several standards and regulations that emphasize the reduction and control of gas emissions, making it compulsory to carry out combustion controls for boilers and other domestic installations or industrial installations.

Description of the use of a combustion analyzer

TheCombustion Analyzer, as the name suggests, is mainly used to study the combustion of installations. It is then a question of controlling the combustion process with regard to the carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) or oxygen (O2) for example. It is also used to study combustion efficiency, draft and in some cases allows measure the gas emission rate or hydrocarbons like NH3, H2S, SO2, NO2, SO and many other elements. There are therefore combustion analyzers which are limited to combustion analysis and those which allow analysis of the pollution generated using optional devices. There are also more complex devices capable of measuring a wide variety of gases simultaneously. 

The usefulness of controlling the combustion process is mainly related to improving or stabilizing the efficiency, in order to avoid unnecessary energy losses.

In the field of domestic installations such as boilers, theCombustion Analyzer remains the essential useful tool from the design of the device by the designer who must control the effectiveness of his product. Then, the installer, who must respect the specifications and check the correct operation of the installation. Finally there are the maintainers or maintenance agents whose role is to monitor over time the changes that may occur in the operation of the combustion device.

The combustion analyzer according to its use

When a combustion measurement is taken, it is generally customary to check:

  • The soot index (the smoke test)
  • the draw
  • the flow of smoke
  • the percentage of CO, CO2 and O2.

With regard to combustion installations, it is important to know what type of analyzer to use according to the power of the installations to be controlled and to consider the average duration of the measurement. Combustion analyzer models are variable as are their powers. We can thus distinguish different analyzers:

  • less than 400kW,
  • 400kW to 1000kW (1MW),
  • 1MW to 5MW,
  • 5 MW to 10 MW or
  • more than 10 MW.

Our comparison will determine the choice of a combustion analyzer according to its use.

It is recommended to use suitable devices to protect the installation. For example, there is the automatic CO cell purge system when testing wet fumes. This automatic purge helps reduce or even remove moisture that can get inside the unit and damage internal circuitry. The best way to ensure the efficiency of the analyzes is to choose a device that complies with the EN50379 standard.

The advantages of current combustion analyzers

There are now apps for tablets and smartphones that help with combustion analysis. The combustion analyzers recent models also have internal memory allowing data to be saved in the form of a Data logger. The presence of a more or less large screen makes it possible to simultaneously monitor several information. The screens are usually in color and offer better ergonomics than previous versions. It is also possible to transfer the collected data directly to a computer. Portable combustion analyzers are very convenient because they allow you to move to the affected areas to perform the measurement.

Other use of combustion analyzers

The combustion analyzer can thus be used for domestic installations as well as industrial installations. But these devices are also used for measurement of gases and hydrocarbons emitted through car exhausts. Environmental laws are increasingly strict on the measurement of polluting gas emissions. This led to the use of thecombustion analyzer in the field of automotive mechanics.

Combustion analyzers have therefore become indispensable tools and equipped with advanced technology in order to optimize the precision of the work carried out by those who employ them. The current devices are ergonomic and resistant to allow repeated use over time.

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