Make your Christmas decorations with Hama beads

iron on beads

It's Christmas again. Among the preparations for this important family event, is the decoration of your tree. If you are dreaming of pretty decorations that are both original and easy to make with the family, now is the time to take your Hama beads out of your closet. Here's how to do it!

The accessories

Making your Christmas decorations with Hama beads is relatively easy. First of all, you must have Hama ironing beads, provide round and square plates, as well as baking paper. To make your creations flat, the use of an iron is essential. Finally, you will need two other accessories, including bakers twine thread and an embroidery needle.

The realization of Christmas decorations

To begin with, you must arrange the ironing beads on your plate in order to achieve the patterns corresponding to the decorations emanating from your inspiration. This part is very interesting for children. This is therefore an opportunity to involve them in this manual activity to allow them to involve their creative senses.

When you have finished determining the shape of your subject, you should then cover it with parchment paper. This done, then pass the iron for a few seconds without steam to let the pearls melt together. At this level, it is important to pay attention to the measurement of the heating so that it does not damage the plate, whose plastic structure remains very fragile. Given the delicacy of this activity, it is preferable that it be carried out from start to finish by an adult.

The next step is to let your Christmas decoration cool. Once your creation has cooled, lift the parchment paper. From this moment, you can already remove your subject from his plate. You will find that the beads are perfectly welded to each other.

Finally, you must provide the hanging device for your Christmas decoration in Hama beads. To do this, thread your big bakers twine embroidery needle. Then, stitch in the center of a bead so that the thread comes out at the other end of the needle. All you have to do is hang your creation Hama beads decoration to your tree.

The creations of possible Christmas decorations

From Hama beads, you can have many decorative ideas for your Christmas tree. To stay trendy, use your iron on beads to decorate your Christmas tree nicely by making a snowman. Very popular, the snowman is an ornament that you can use to embellish not only your tree for the Christmas party, but also your interior throughout the winter period.

Apart from this ornament, you can also make with your Hama beads, Christmas balls and various pendants that you can use to have an original tree. Another Christmas decoration very popular with children that you can create with your ironing beads, snowflakes. For this type of Christmas decoration, you have to shoot the cheerful colors like blue, white and lilac to which you can add some presences of turquoise to fit in with the typical colors of the dress of the famous Princess Elsa.

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