Enzyme therapy, the most natural Brazilian smoothing

You might be one of those people who spend long minutes every morning trying to style your curly or even frizzy hair. The hair dryer and straightener are probably your best friends, and the barber keeps crying when he sees the state of your tips from these shock treatments. You may not know it, but there are now long-lasting straightenings that are not as inaccessible as they were a few years ago. It used to take around 300 euros for good quality Brazilian straightening, but now you can do it all from home!

What is enzyme therapy?

In the family of Brazilian smoothing, there are many more or less similar techniques. If you are already familiar with tannin smoothing, enzyme therapy will not surprise you too much. This technique is used by those whose hair is thick, curly, frizzy or difficult to straighten for various reasons. If you are pregnant, you can safely use this method which contains only natural particles.

Enzyme therapy will work directly in the heart of the hair. The care you are going to apply, because it is indeed one, will repair hair, even very damaged by straightening recurring or repetitive colorings. This technique is also compatible with all hairstyles, and will not only make your hair smoother but also more shiny and silky. Once you have done this treatment, you will save a lot of time every day since the heating plates will become unnecessary, the hair dryer being the only useful accessory to smooth out the few stubborn strands.

Enzyme therapy, instructions for use

If your goal is to acquire a ready-to-use kit and perform your Brazilian straightening at home, this will save you a lot of money. In fact, enzyme therapy is easy to perform. The kits on the market contain a clarifying shampoo without sulfates, which will prepare your hair for the next treatment. This applies to all hair, you can imagine, and must remain in place between half an hour and an hour depending on the nature of your hair.

Once the exposure time has elapsed, all you have to do is dry your hair and straighten strand by strand. Once this is done, you can enjoy your new haircut for many months!

The advantages of enzyme therapy over tannin

If you hesitate between these two Brazilian smoothing, here are some arguments that may help you decide.For starters, enzyme therapy is an even more natural process than tannin, which can sometimes contain a few chemical molecules like formalin.In addition, the tannin will make your hair less shiny and the straightening may take a few weeks less than if you undergo enzyme therapy.Finally, the last point to raise is that enzyme therapy will not prevent you from coloring your hair as you wish.The coloring and this Brazilian smoothing are fully compatible, while you will have to wait a few days after your coloring to be able to practice a tannin smoothing.