Hama ironing beads: an activity idea for children to remember

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Hama ironing beads are one of the children's craft activities that are to be appreciated for their ease of use and the fun times they promise. There is a wide choice between creating their favorite character or creating a free form and what appeals to Hama ironing beads is that they help with fine motor skills while remaining playful.

Why let yourself be seduced by iron on beads?

Hama ironing beads were created to entertain children and, by the way, they are currently very popular with toddlers. Inexpensive, they allow you to reproduce various shapes and patterns that can then be used as jewelry, key rings, brand glass and many more. The technique is very simple, because it suffices to put the Hama iron bead on its tray, place the baking paper on top and proceed to ironing.

Once the beads are cooled, the desired pattern is obtained and it can be used for various purposes. Note that Hama ironing beads are made of low density polyethylene and they do not contain toxic substances, which makes them suitable for children. Available in various colors ranging from classic models to glittery and translucent models, Hama ironing beads are available in a pack, which gives children endless possibilities.

What to do with Hama iron-on beads?

The child can make free compositions with the help of the shape plate it is possible to choose in a round, square or hexagonal shape. He thus chooses the shape he wants and applies it to the plate as he wishes until the pattern takes on. To reproduce a specific shape, just use the transparent plate and help the child to reproduce a particular drawing. In addition to the playful side, the ironing beads allow you to work on fine motor skills. For example, it will be possible to do a color sorting activity. To do this, simply mix the beads in various colors and let the child sort it out with tweezers.

cheap hama pearlThere is no shortage of activities that sharpen creativity with Hama ironing beads. For example, it will be possible to work the beads and thread them on a wire or a ribbon for the beads of larger sizes. In the same style, the weaving is also suitable for Hama beads. On the material side, a transparent thread such as a fishing line, and a loom should help to make beautiful creations full of originality. Finally, Hama iron on beads can be used to aid in number learning.

Iron-on beads offer a very wide possibility of creation. The objects and patterns obtained can then be used as decorative items, keychain ornaments, coasters, glass markers or brooches. To discover and try, Hama ironing beads combine the pleasure of creative hobbies with the interest of learning games. In short, these are essentials that children should love!

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