How to protect your home during your vacation?

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The burglary rate has been on the rise over the past 10 years and break-ins are noticeable in large cities as well as in more remote areas. There are more than 400,000 burglaries each year in France, hence the importance of protecting yourself. These few tips are especially important for those who plan to go on a trip and leave their home empty and unattended during the stay.

How to strengthen the security of your home?

The first thing to know is that burglars usually start by spotting the whereabouts of their targets, in order to better understand their habits. Once the surveillance phase is over, they get down to their dirty work and if we know that it takes them less than twenty minutes to ransack the house, then it seems imperative to do everything so that they fail to enter the home. To do this, we will begin by securing all entrances, from the gate to the main door. The establishment ofa faac gate motor is therefore essential, because burglars will not be able to force entry without having the password. To be combined with the installation of an intercom or an anti-intrusion alarm for maximum security.

The front door should then be reinforced, because in 80 % cases they enter through the front door, the back door or even the windows. The installation of motion detectors, glass breakage detectors or even the installation of a complete faac brand alarm kit is therefore essential. To go on vacation with peace of mind, you can also opt for the installation of an armored door or a surveillance system such as remote monitoring, which allows you to leave your house empty without risking it being ransacked on your return. The installation of a surveillance camera and a reinforced door is also recommended insofar as they help to optimize the security of the property.

How to choose the right safety equipment?

It is important to start by analyzing the places in order to define the main areas at risk. We will take the opportunity to count the openings and entrances through which burglars can pass. It is then necessary to define the desired level of security and to identify the places where they will be installed. The assistance of a professional in the field can be requested with regard to the installation of security equipment, in particular IP cameras and alarm kits which must be connected to each other for real efficiency.

Among the solutions available to those who go on vacation, leaving their home unattended, we recommend the remote lighting control system.This is a system to cover the tracks and deter burglars from getting too close to the property.You can program the lighting of the house in advance at different times of the day or night, using your smartphone.The intruders will thus think that there are still occupants and will not dare to continue their design.Finally, you will have to ask neighbors to always take the mail so that it does not pile up and open the shutters in the morning and close them at night, always with the idea of ??deceiving intruders and other brigands.

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