How to have a durable mattress?

durable mattress

By investing in a good mattress, the purchaser expects their purchase to provide them with comfortable sleep over many years. The average lifespan of a standard model is 5 to 10 years. Its maintenance can nevertheless play on the extension or the shortening of this durability. From cleaning to prevention, the initiative of some care and maintenance on a mattress helps maintain its performance and quality over a very long period of time.

Provide support and protection for the mattress

The mattress support bases tend to preserve the integrity of its materials and prevent premature wear. Check with the manufacturer or consult the warranty policy for some recommendations. This includes determining whether the Mattress is compatible with assorted box springs. This kind of device is generally used on spring mattresses. Memory foam and other types of specialty mattresses, on the other hand, require strong, firm support.

Beds that have a frame must be designed to support the weight of the sleepers and mattress. Queens and kings should have central support bars. Platform beds with wide slats may require additional support depending on mattress type and weight. It would be a good idea to check the support of your bed at least annually. This will prevent a broken lamella or a spring from affecting the mattress.

Likewise, a quality mattress cover provides waterproof protection against spills and accidents.It reduces the amount of dust, debris and dirt that gets into the bed.This helps protect the materials inside your bed from damage.Oily secretions from the skin and perspiration are kept out of bed, reducing the formation of allergens such as molds and dust mites.A mattress protector also allows for instant cleanings in the event of a splash.Many recent models of mattress covers offer feelings of comfort similar to a fitted sheet.

Clean and use the mattress properly

Ideally, sheets and mattress covers should be washed weekly, or at least every two weeks.It is important to have clean sheets even when using a mattress protector.The mattress topper should also be cleaned occasionally following the manufacturer's instructions.The mattress should be turned 180 ° from head to toe, at least once a month.The rotation helps promote more even wear and reduces the likelihood of softening.This practice is applicable for any type of mattress.In the same vein, trampoline sessions on the mattress should be prohibited.Frames and foams wear out faster with several brutal movements.When traveling, protect your mattress from damage by enclosing it in plastic and avoiding bending it.(source: How to wash a mattress)

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