How to disinfect our children's toys?

Our children's toys are lying around the house or at school. They must therefore be cleaned and disinfected regularly, to avoid transmitting viruses and other diseases. How to properly disinfect these toys? The answer here.

You know, kids leave their toys everywhere. In addition, the youngest tend to put everything in their mouths, making cleaning and disinfecting children's toys essential. What detergents are suitable for this kind of use? What is the best frequency to clean children's toys? We answer all your questions on the subject here.

What products should we use to clean and disinfect our children's toys?

For cleaning toys, soapy water is sufficient. Marseille soap, or even dishwashing liquid can be used, provided of course rinse the toy after cleaning. Then you have to go to disinfection. This step allows the destruction of germs and bacteria. For this, it is possible to mix a tablespoon of bleach in a liter of water. The resulting solution is not toxic to children, unlike other products found on the market.

When should the toys of the youngest be disinfected?

Rest assured: there is no need to clean and disinfect your children's toys every day. Once every two weeks, here is a good frequency of cleaning! Either way, make sure you're regular.

Of course, if you find that your toddler's toys are particularly dirty, don't wait to wash them. In addition, after a period of illness, all your child's toys and clothes should be cleaned to remove any germs and other germs.

Good to know : Before you give your child a brand new toy, it is best to wash it well. Thus, you eliminate any remains of toxic products.

Appropriate cleaning, depending on your child's different toys

You will have to adapt your cleaning method according to the toy concerned. Do you know ? Plastic toys without batteries are dishwasher safe! But be careful: electronic toys must be cleaned manually, as explained above. To clean your blonde head's favorite blanket, machine use is essential. Choose a detergent and a suitable program.

Cleaning rubber toys like Sophie la Girafe is particularly easy. This adorable animal, which has unfortunately been the subject of controversy (you will find out more by clicking here), is designed in a natural material very easy to clean and disinfect. But beware: remember to dry the toy well, to prevent mold do not form there. Want to know a little more about the manufacturer's recommendations? In this case, do not hesitate to consult Sophie la Girafe's official facebook page.

You now have all the keys in hand, to take good care of your blond head's toys!