Computer panel: how much does it cost?

Being one of the most fragile devices in the home, the laptop PC must be protected from shocks and other accidents that could damage it. Despite all the precautions we take, it can happen that the pc screen breaks, which leads to a repair if necessary or a complete replacement. No more need to shell out a fortune in these cases as manufacturers now offer new computer monitors at very affordable prices. You just have to take a tour of the specialized sites to learn about it.

What budget to plan?

Equipped with very high definition and good lighting, the computer screens offered on these sites are available for all budgets. Owners of an Asus U50VG can have their broken or defective screen replaced with 59 euros. They may also sometimes benefit from a 3-year warranty on the product. Monitors for computers of the Samsung brand and more precisely of the NP Series can be purchased with a budget of at most 100 euros.

For those who swear by IBM and Lenovo, PC monitor prices go as follows:
• Essential Series: it takes between 65 and 70 euros
• IdeaPad Series: the price range varies between 65 and 80 euros
• ThinkPad Series: the average is around 75 euros

Whatever the brand of computer, the price bracket for a laptop PC panel is therefore roughly equivalent.

Other possibilities

Besides the laptop screen brands offered above, others like Sony or Medion are also available. For all Sony series, especially the Vaio, you need an average of 80 euros. The most important advantage is the warranty offered, as well as the beautiful glossy finish of these LCD or LED screens, not to mention the LED backlighting.
Dell is also strongly present with a multitude of good resolution screens for the majority of the brand's models. For Alienware, Inspiron, Precision and other series, the screens offered are in the range of 75 and 100 euros. On some sites, like in particular, returns are also free. This is the assurance of being satisfied or simply reimbursed, which is very reassuring for the purchase of a product as sensitive as a PC slab.

In the end, to get a new laptop screen, you usually need at least 75 euros. Depending on the model and the brand of the monitors that you are wanting to acquire on these sites, the budget to be foreseen can sometimes be more important but it is the general order of magnitude that you must have in mind to change your laptop slab.

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