Eco-friendly solutions to unclog your pipes

Let's take care of the environment! It’s been hammered at us for a few years. And that's true ! But how do you unclog a pipeline without chemicals to unclog the piping? Several solutions are within your reach, without resorting to products harmful to the blue planet.

The solution is in the kitchen!

Eradicating evil with evil finally finds its true meaning. Indeed, to unclog the pipes, the means are often at home. For this you will need 200 g of baking soda, 200 g of salt, 20 cl of white vinegar and a bowl of boiling water. Mix the first three ingredients and pour the operation directly into the blocked pipe. Wait half an hour, then pour boiling water into the drain. You will see that everything will go away without you having to pay for a plumber.

The versatile ecological unblocker

Of course, if you don't have time to prepare the above mixture, you can always turn to simpler solutions. Sure, you will find an unblocker that will unblock your pipes in no time. Its unique, powerful and ecological composition will do the piping good. In addition, it will dissolve practically all the elements that could clog the pipes without damaging them.

Another quality of the unblocker is the presence of a good antibacterial to prevent foul odors after unblocking. It will remove fats, oils, food waste, hair and even soap scum. As it is completely ecological, you can use it for your septic tank without any contraindication.

Wet and dry suction

If you have a wet and dry vacuum in your home, you can use it for something other than cleaning the house. To do this, vacuum the device. Then, make a seal as tight as possible on the pipe. If necessary, adapt a plunger head to the nozzle for more efficiency. Then set the suction to the maximum suction level to attract the elements that are blocking your pipe.

The snake drainage technique

Snake drainage or drain auger refer to the same technique for unclogging a clogged pipe. Also harmless to the environment, this technique is one of the most widely used. The tool comes in the form of a spiral cable, hence its name. Its diameter measures between 1 and 2 cm, and its tip has a handle. Its mode of operation is contrary to the diver.

To unclog the blocked duct, push the snake's head into the hoof, then rotate the crank so that it reaches the stopper. As the plug crumbles and escapes through the pipe, the tool will allow you to find the shoe so you can get it out. Give more power to your unblocker snake by using an electric drill and forcing it through the hoof.

This technique is effective, but often the operation takes time. Fortunately, there are other solutions to help you clean everything in one go and without harming the environment.

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