Do you practice fitness?

fitness practice

Liberating fitness

Several studies now agree that regular sport participation has a real impact on overall health, whether physical or moral. Building self-confidence is part of this vein. Indeed, in practice, the achievement of intermediate objectives that one sets for oneself knowingly or not is a set of successive victories that will help improve self-image and therefore self-confidence.

Fitness, a way of life

Fitness tends to dominate today more in lifestyle than in sport. It is becoming more and more common to get in shape with fitness exercises. In response to regular practice, we quickly noticed a harmonious improvement in physical appearance, increased endurance, and enhanced physical performance. This leads to lasting well-being. Sports physicians recommend regular practice, especially for people with obesity, muscle weakness, stress, chronic fatigue and exhaustion.

A revealing study

Reebok, in 2020, reports a study on the practice of running both among amateurs and professionals in a panel of 19 countries around the world. Switzerland succeeds Norway and takes pole position among the countries with the fittest inhabitants in the world, totaling an overall score of 7.44 out of 10 on the evaluation scale. The Swiss city that performs best is Zürich. Indeed, it turns out to be the one with the largest number of sports halls (16) identified within a radius of 10 km2.

The positive impact of fitness

Like sport itself, the practice of fitness, in addition to a sporting activity that harmoniously calls on the whole body, has an impact on many other factors which also help to feel good:
- The quality of sleep is improved, which will have an impact on your general mood and will put you in the position to have a productive day.
- The practice of sport significantly reduces the occurrence of depression: when we play sports we think of something else
- Particularly with group activities, fitness makes it possible to forge social links with a community which makes it possible to cultivate and maintain group motivation.

When the practice of fitness rhymes with comfort

As in any other sports practice, the right choice of suitable outfits remains a prerequisite for a good experience. Fitness requires choosing comfortable equipment for good ease of movement. Many brands offer equipment for beginners or experienced practitioners. Reebok, for example, has gained great success with its shoes designed for aerobics, notably with Speed ??Wick technology, which is quite popular in professional practice, and which offers free movement for the athlete's freedom in the practice of his exercises. Do not hesitate to compare several OEM products in order to find the most suitable model for you.

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