Containment: offers accumulate for trading training

The first lockdown led to renewed interest from French savers in the financial markets. Online brokers have registered a number of newcomer appeals without being able to guarantee the responsiveness of registrations. 

If the sudden drop in financial assets is the primary culprit for this phenomenon, one wonders if it is well justified with regard to real opportunities. 

In any case, we cannot take advantage of a great opportunity without prior training ... so this time the trainers modulate their offers. Enough to encourage us to take an overview (and opportunities?) Of this new trend.

Containment, is this an opportunity to go public? 

Today we are witnessing many reconfigurations - partial or total - in the world which are sure to have repercussions on the economy. Even if governments and central banks intervene strongly in support of companies hit hard, a decline in financial markets, probably less severe than last March, can not be excluded according to various analysts. Already, this movement was not long in coming and the restrictive measures in the face of the health crisis have resulted in recent days " a wind of fear on the stock markets in Europe and across the Atlantic, after the fears of March. No one was spared: -8.6% in Frankfurt, -7.0% in Milan, -4.8% in London, -6.4% in Paris… at close on Friday. "

Unscrewing stock markets, could this be the right time to get started? Remember, "it's time to invest in the stock market!" Exclaimed Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Secretary of State to the Minister of the Economy and Finance on March 10, 2020, while the announcement was the first confinement. 

No doubt, but beware!  

Trading is not a game of chance

Going public is serious, demanding, and above all requires preparation. The risks are real for the capital invested in them. It should be noted that 90% of retail investors lose money every year on the stock market. Some go bankrupt, get into debt, others cannot resist some form of addiction.

Unhappy experiences are frequent for those who indulge in this activity without a net, confident in their only intuition or in the wise advice of those around them, self-proclaimed experts or influencers of all stripes. Serious training is a prerequisite if you want to make trading something other than a hobby, an experience among others, without major challenges, in a word if you want to professionalize and, if not live from it, at least earn money.  

But then, how to train?The training offer exists, it is even bloated on the market, between free offers, paid offers but attractive because at low price, more extensive offers including creation of a portfolio and support in defining a strategy.It is therefore necessary before deciding to fully explore the operator market and not hesitate to get help from those whose job it is.Luckily, they exist and confirmed, experienced traders, aware of the pitfalls resulting from the opacity of the training market, carry out objective training evaluation tests and offer their conclusions in open access. 

Good deals accumulate ...

On, several trading training are the subject of an examination according to a scoring grid allowing to highlight those concerned with the respect of good practices, a real in-depth study of the subject and a support worthy of the name of the future trader. This, without forgetting the analysis of the value for money of the training offered. 

Significant added value of the site, the assessments and information it provides are coupled with the offer of advantageous conditions in the subscription to training courses tested and deemed efficient. 

Thus, for example, is it possible to benefit from a 25% reduction with the promo code 4G6964A on a subscription to the training offered by Interactiv Trading (IVT) which has multiple strengths:experienced professionals at its head, skills in the different assets (indices, forex, shares and cryptocurrency) as well as in the ways of trading, training with extremely rich content, a real strategy, global services and a good report quality-price (especially with the discount!).But there are rumors that conditions may change with a substantial increase in prices except for old subscribers.All the more reason not to delay getting started….  

Another interesting avenue: a discount of 20% is available on a very complete training offer, in one shot (no subscription, no additional modules to be purchased later) and whose quality-price ratio is exceptional.This is Julien Flot's “least risk strategy” who is developing a novel concept for the global analysis of stock market assets, considers capital protection a priority and provides a quantity of quality information thanks to numerous videos.This is the perfect course for those who want to learn or get back to the stock market in the best conditions.Julien Flot also acts in full transparency:he gives all his readers, his positions, his performances and his invested percentage, which can only reassure those who follow him… Be careful, however, he is developing a new much more expensive formula which risks replacing it. current formula. 

While containment offers time, there is no question of wasting money unnecessarily, whether in the financial markets or in training. Trading remains a risky activity, it is important to understand how it works before investing.