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extra bed

Ideal for occasionally welcoming friends or family, the extra bed has become an essential piece of furniture in our modern and nomadic lives. It must be comfortable, practical and, above all, space-saving. To choose it well, it will be necessary to determine its frequency of use and whether you want to leave it in place or put it away after use for lack of space.

The foldable extra bed

It’s often the first one you buy and sometimes even urgently when someone arrives unexpectedly. So you don't want to invest too much money or bother with too large a bed. The option of extra bed collapsible is therefore a simple solution to start receiving guests from time to time. Often equipped with wheels and in the format of a 90 cm mattress, it can disappear behind a door, be lowered into the garage or stored in a cellar.

The other option, even less cumbersome, is the inflatable bed with an integrated system of ultra-fast electric installation. The advantage of this product is its ease of transport when traveling by car, for example, because it fits in a bag provided by the manufacturer and it is also available for two people. So ideal for nomads or those wishing to sleep under the stars in their garden.

Foldable no longer rhymes with uncomfortable because more and more extra beds are equipped with thick mattresses, compact foam placed on a slatted base or equipped with a spring. No more endless nights trying to find a position so as not to have back pain or the following days bent over with back pain for several days.

The multifunction extra bed

Those with more space will often opt for an extra bed that can be left permanently installed and used for everyday use. This is the whole range of sofa beds or folding fireside chairs for one person.

Sofa by day and bed at night, the transformation is now a snap thanks to sophisticated rolling systems. The most advanced will even allow you to store pillows, duvets or blankets under the seat section to save even more space.

Contrary to popular belief, the sofa bed has also evolved a lot in recent years. Gone are the days when you had to buy a bad sofa with a bad sleeping system. Manufacturers have also realized that homes are less and less spacious and force occupants to sacrifice the presence of a room for economic reasons.

The best sofa brands have therefore launched themselves in the manufacture of convertible products with the same finishes as a high-end product. We therefore find sofa beds in leather or in refined upholstery from the best brands. The extra bed market has adapted to our urban and tourist lifestyles. The apartments for seasonal rental are now all equipped with this type of bed which allows modularity in the number of travelers welcomed.

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