Bracelet idea to offer to your loved one

Many people are used to giving gifts to loved ones on special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas. Are you one of them, but you're running out of ideas? The bracelet is a gift that we do not always think of, although the diversity of existing models makes it the ideal present to give to those we love. Find in this guide some types of bracelets to know to facilitate your choice.

The bangle bracelet

This is the go-to model for bracelet fans. Very elegant, it is easily recognized by its ring shape. Depending on your budget or the tastes of the one to whom you are going to give the bracelet, you can opt for a silver bangle, a gold bangle or a steel bangle that can be mixed with leather or set with precious stones. It can also consist of a clasp. If you are looking for an atypical model, choose one viking bracelet for women.

The chain bracelet

This is a simple bracelet model, made of chained links. It is highly appreciated for its lightness. As it also adapts to any look, it remains easy to give as a gift. You can add charms to the chain bracelet that you are going to offer or choose a model made of zirconium or pearls. Depending on your means and your preferences, you can also offer a gold bracelet or a silver or stainless steel bracelet.

The charm bracelet

Also called charm bracelet, the charm bracelet is very trendy and has become the timeless model. The charms that hang make the charm of this type of bracelet. They also take on a "lucky charm" dimension which makes the charm bracelet so popular. This is a high value gift that is sure to please whoever you are going to give it to.

The cuff bracelet

This type of bracelet can be recognized by its allure of a shirt cuff. It is generally stiff, wide, flat, and does not close completely. It’s the perfect gift to give in the summer, the right time when the cuff can really be showcased without the long sleeves of the clothes. 

The pearl bracelet

It is a jewel that does not lack charm. In addition, you can choose from sea pearls, seed pearls or freshwater pearls. Depending on the shellfish or oysters that produced them, the pearls can take on several colors and reflections. It is the perfect piece of jewelry to give a woman who is dear to you.

The Brazilian bracelet

This is the most famous lucky bracelet model. On the other hand, it also symbolizes a very strong bond of friendship or love. The Brazilian bracelet is offered to a person to whom you want to make a promise or confirm your real feelings towards them. This type of bracelet goes very well with a modern look.

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